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Minutes of the Meeting of AMENITIES AND RECREATION COMMITTEE held on

20th March 2017 at 8.00pm in Headley Parish Office, Arford Road, Headley.



Cllrs Deborah Chamberlain

Cllr Jim Wood

Cllr Peter Ellens

Cllr Anthony Williams

Cllr Dennis Tregay




Also in attendance: Katie Knowles, Clerk & Executive Officer and 4 members of the public.


In the absence of the Chairman and Vice Chairman Deborah Chamberlain was elected to chair the meeting. She welcomed everyone to the meeting.




Mr Fyfield apologised for knocking on Cllr Strubbings door on a number of occasions including very early one morning.






Apologies were received from Cllrs Rita Stubbings (Chairman), Malcolm Roffe (Vice-Chairman), Andrew Luff, Les Walsh and Laurence Bedford and it was RESOLVED to accept these apologies.






There were no declarations of interest.






The minutes of the meeting held on 16th January 2017, having been previously circulated were confirmed and signed by the Chairman.






  • The Council has been contacted by residents on Beech Hill Road about branches overhanging their gardens. The trees concerned are within the boundary of Arford Common. A quote has been obtained to reduce the crown on one tree which will be considered at a future meeting.      






  1. Members received the minutes of Headley Sports Association meeting held on 9th February 2017. The Chairman highlighted the reference under AOB to the I’Anson Cricket League which is encouraging Clubs to improve their facilities. For Headley this would include improvements to the outside area.   
  2. Cllr Burton gave a verbal report on the meeting on 9th March. HSA were generally supportive of acting as a co-ordinating body, however they were keen to ensure provision is built into the agreement that neither HSA nor its Trustees shall be expected to accept any personal liability, and Headley Parish Council must indemnify them against any liability which it or they may incur in consequence of any action or commitment performed by them in good faith in such a role. Further the Tennis Club had expressed some concerns about how charging arrangements would affect them. The Clerk confirmed that she had been made aware of these concerns and saw no difficulty in including their contribution in the re-charge to HSA and any specific works carried out during the year i.e. moss treatment and clean, will be dealt with in the same way as it is currently.
  3. Members received and noted the sports clubs expenditure against the Council’s budget to the end February 2017.








a. The Chairman asked the Clerk to read out her report which covered the felling and the next step for the management plan. The report is attached to these Minutes.

Residents were invited to address Councillors on the report or any other matter concerning Arford Common. The following questions/issues were raised.

  • Why did the work take so long?
  • The track is slippery towards Glayshers Hill
  • An Oak, Chestnut and Pine which were not marked have been felled.
  • The bottom step, of the steps onto the common has been damaged.
  • Wood has been removed from the Common by residents, some with chainsaws.
  • Large roots had been left on pathways (it was confirmed that these had since been removed)
  • A resident witnessed some of the chippings being sprayed into the woodland



b. Members noted the expenditure from the allocated budget for Arford Common.





Members considered a quotation for two new noticeboards in 17/18. One for Arford Common (£683) and the grassed area outside One Stop (£1,770). The Clerk reported that she had obtained a grant from Councillor Williams for £1,000 towards the noticeboard outside One Stop. Therefore the cost to the Council will be £770 plus delivery and installation costs for both noticeboards.  The cost of the noticeboard for Arford Common will be met out of the budget 4129 - Arford Common. Councillor Williams explained that the District Cllr grant programme will continue in 17/18. 

It was RESOLVED to approve the principle of purchasing two new noticeboards subject to approval by Full Council.










Clerk/FC recommend-ation





  1. Members considered whether to replace the two Oak trees felled on Standford Green due to decay. The Clerk supplied Councillors with a series of photographs which showed the location of where the trees were in relation to adjacent trees. After some discussion it was concluded that it was premature to consider their replacement at this stage and that the tree line would be reviewed when the trees are in full leaf. It was proposed that the Clerk contact Mr Garside at EHDC for advice. 




Clerk contact EHDC Tree Officer

  1. Members considered the condition of two bus shelters on Crabtree Lane, by the Village Green and opposite Glebe Close. It was RESOLVED that the Clerk obtain quotations to refurbish the double sided bus shelter on the Village Green and to replace the single wooden shelter on Crabtree Lane to match the shelter at the entrance to The Paddock.   


Clerk to obtain quotations





The Clerk reported on the works outstanding from 15/16.  These jobs will be transferred to the April 2017 schedule. There were no items to add for the Lengthsman schedule at this time.

Clerk/Fwd April worksheet




Members received and the Chairman signed as approved the year end Amenities and Recreation Report of Income and Expenditure from 1st April 2016 to 28TH February 2017.




There being no further business the meeting closed at 9.15pm.









Arford Common Update


20TH March 2017



The works on Arford Common are now largely complete. The works have taken longer than anticipated primarily due to the fact that the contractor was not on site consistently. The work started on 4th January and I recorded that the contractor was on site a total of 20 days between 4th January and 7th March. No work took could happen between 30th January and 3rd February due to wet weather. It was after this week that the ground conditions deteriorated, culminating in the contractor’s tractor getting stuck on 12th February. Some ground levelling took place on 15th February which alleviated some of the worst affected areas. The stacked lengths of wood were removed during the last week of February and the ‘lop and top’ was chipped and removed on Saturday 4th March.


A final site visit took place between myself and the contractor on 7th March. Outstanding works have been agreed. These are to gather up branches and other debris left throughout the felling area and leave in piles at suitable locations, to remove a few damaged saplings that will not recover and to level the churned sections.  As the site has been very wet it was agreed that this works would take place when the ground had completely dried out. Weather dependent I would expect this work to take place during early April.


I received the weight tickets and details of the wood grade from the Mendip Forestry who purchased the wood.  The sale will realise an income of £1,758.99. This income will offset the cost of the works. The total cost of the project to the Council is £7,941.   


A representative of the Forestry Commission, Angus Clarke visited Arford Common at the beginning of February after the majority of the trees had been felled. He has reported that he was pleased with the works and has suggested a final visit post completion which I can now begin to arrange.



The new management plan is very much work in progress.

Following comments at the last meeting from residents and Councillors discussion regarding the management plan, Ruth Kernohan has sent through her thoughts on a request to visit the Common during spring. She is of the view that a further snapshot survey will have limited value. Although of interest additional noted species is unlikely to change the management plan significantly as it is based on structural changes to the habitat.


Instead she has proposed assistance with meeting management plan targets. For example, this could be through setting up a Butterfly survey and carrying out training so that these could be continued by interested volunteers.  Any direct support would incur consultancy fees which would need to be considered and agreed.


The Council is committed to establishing a conservation working group to consider the management plan targets and its delivery in more detail. I would propose that this group considers Ruth’s recommendations as part of their discussions. Now that the work on Arford Common is largely concluded efforts can now be concentrated on organising and advertising an initial meeting. 


A quote has been obtained for a new noticeboard for Arford Common which will be considered later on the agenda.


Katie Knowles