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Minutes of the Meeting of AMENITIES AND RECREATION COMMITTEE held on

21st November 2016 at 8.00pm in Headley Parish Office, Arford Road, Headley.



Cllr Deborah Chamberlain

Cllr Dennis Tregay

Cllr Laurence Bedford

Cllr Jim Wood

Cllr Andrew Luff

Cllr Les Walsh

Cllr Peter Ellens

Cllr Anthony Williams



Also in attendance: Katie Knowles, Clerk & Executive Officer and 8 members of the public.


In the absence of the Chairman and Vice Chairman, Cllr Deborah Chamberlain was elected to Chair the meeting. Cllr Chamberlain welcomed residents to the meeting of the Amenities and Recreation Committee.




Š       Mrs Lewis raised the problem of overhanging vegetation at the junction of Longcross Hill with Arford Road. The Chairman explained that the issue had been discussed at a recent Planning Committee meeting and it was understood that the Assistant Clerk had already been asked to write a hedge cutting notice to the owners of the property.

Š       A resident reported that someone was living in a van in Kay Crescent and it had been ongoing for some time. Councillors were not sure who should be made aware and the Clerk was asked to make enquiries. 






Apologies were received from Cllrs Rita Stubbings (Chairman) and Malcolm Roffe (Vice-Chairman). It was RESOLVED to accept these apologies.






There were no declarations of interest.






The minutes of the meeting held on 19th September 2016, having been previously circulated were confirmed and signed by the Chairman.






 The Clerk reported that the tree works on Standford Green would commence on the 22nd November and included the felling of one Oak Tree, the decline of which had been brought to the attention of the Council by the County Council’s arboriculture team. The Committee will be asked to consider replacement planting at the January meeting.     


Clerk -

January A&R





  1. Members reviewed and ratified the Committee’s terms of reference.
  2. Members reviewed and ratified the Memorandum of Understanding between the Parish Council and Headley Allotment Holders Association which included the terms of reference for the Allotment Sub-Committee.






a. Members received the Minutes of Headley Sports Association meetings held on 8th September and 13th October 2016. Cllr Luff referred to the October Minutes and was concerned over the circulation of plans of Field 6 for clubs to consider their thoughts on the use of the land. He considered that HSA should be made aware that the Parish Council will have the final say on the use of the land. It was agreed that this should be fed back.

b. Members received the year end sports clubs expenditure against the Councils budget to 31st October 2016.



Council HSA reps





a. The Clerk gave an update on Arford Common which covered the following points:

  • Felling of the Scots Pine Trees will commence in January 2017 subject to the weather conditions.
  • 15 poisoned chestnut trees have been marked for felling by Mr James, Mr Baron (both residents), the Council’s contractor, Cllr Stubbings and the Clerk.
  • 46 live Scots Pine trees were marked on 4th October by a representative of the Forestry Commission, the Council’s contractor, Cllr Stubbings, the Clerk and Mrs Bower, representing residents.
  • The poisoned Chestnut trees will be felled first followed by the Scots Pine trees and the work is expected to take a month. The Chestnut trees will be removed from site together with the Scots Pines.
  • Notices had been put up on Arford Common informing users and letters would be sent to residents on the Common during December when a start date had been confirmed.
  • An agreed stacking and loading location on the Common was not yet confirmed with the contractor.


Mr Fyfield explained that he had marked the dead Chestnut trees with paint following the removal of his notices. He was concerned that as the leaves dropped it would be difficult to determine which of the trees were still alive and which were completely dead.


Cllr Bedford asked about the contractor’s responsibility in respect of the track. The Clerk confirmed that the contractor will be required to reinstate any damage to the surface of the track from any vehicles associated with the felling works and extraction of the timber. The Clerk explained that it was crucial that before and after photos were taken. Cllr Bedford volunteered to ensure this happened.  




















Cllr Bedford

b. The Chairman summarised the main findings and recommendations in the draft Management Plan prepared by Arcadian Ecology, a subsidiary of Hampshire and Isle of Wight Wildlife Trust. As a number of Councillors had not had an opportunity to read the report this item was deferred to the January Council meeting for detailed discussion and to consider any comments from residents. The Clerk confirmed the report would be made available to residents after the meeting via the Council’s website and in printed form at a cost of £4.50 for a colour version and £2.50 for a black and white version. From 22nd November 2016 (or the date the report was uploaded to the website), it was agreed to allow 2 weeks for comments on the first draft.    

All Cllrs & the

Clerk item for January Council

c. Members noted the expenditure from the allocated budget for Arford Common.






Members considered blind two quotations to carry out tree maintenance works on Headley Village Green. Both quotes were very close at £360 and £320 respectively.  No details were revealed to Councillors about the identity of the contractors. The Clerk explained that both were local, one had worked with the Parish Council previously (£320) and one had not (£360). Both were insured and qualified and both had stated that they could carry out the works quickly. Cllr Williams proposed that the contractor who had not worked for the Council before is approved, which would expand the Council’s options for future tree works in the Parish. Cllr Tregay seconded Cllr Williams proposal and all Members agreed the quotation for £360. The Clerk revealed the selected contractor was Grayshott Tree Services.   






The following works were agreed to add to the Lengthsman schedule for December/January 2017:

Š       Clear the leaves from Standford Green

Š       Remove any overgrown vegetation/leaf clearance of footpath 1.

Š       FP2 - from Mill Lane to Frensham Lane.  Clear overgrown vegetation at Huntingford Farm end.

Š       Repair stile at the entrance to FP9 opposite Huntingford Bridge (outstanding from August schedule)

Š       F28- Footpath leading from Arford Road to Longcross Hill, from behind former workingman’s club site

       Clear overgrown vegetation last 50 yards.  







Members received and the Chairman signed as approved the year end Amenities and Recreation Report of Income and Expenditure from 1st April 2015 to 31st October 2016.




There being no further business the meeting closed at 9.00pm.