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Minutes of the Annual Parish Meeting held on Monday 24 April 2017 at 8.00pm

in the Village Hall, Arford Road


In attendance were:

Cllr Deborah Chamberlain

Cllr Peter Ellens

Cllr Dennis Tregay (Chairman)

Cllr Malcolm Roffe        

Cllr John Burton (Chairman of Planning)

Cllr Anthony Williams

Cllr Rita Stubbings (Chairman of A&R)

Cllr Jim Wood

Cllr Andrew Luff (Vice-Chairman)





Also in attendance were: Councillor Floss Mitchell, County Councillor, District Councillor Richard Millard, Miss Katie Knowles, Parish Clerk & Executive Officer, Mrs Tanya Hampshire, Assistant Clerk & Responsible Financial Officer (RFO) and approximately 19 members of the public.


The Chairman of Headley Parish Council, Councillor Dennis Tregay opened the Annual Parish Meeting and welcomed members of the public. He also welcomed District Councillors Anthony Williams and Richard Millard, County Councillor Floss Mitchell. Also present were the Clerk & Executive Officer, Katie Knowles, Assistant Clerk & Responsible Financial Officer, Tanya Hampshire.


Councillor Tregay introduced the speaker from the Hampshire & Isle of Wight Air Ambulance, Richard Bedford who gave a very interesting presentation on the Service that is run by an independent charity.  


8.30pm - The Chairman thanked Richard for his presentation and introduced the main business of the meeting.


AP17/1 Apologies for Absence

Apologies were received from Councillors Christine Philp, Jim Wood, Laurence Bedford, Deborah Chamberlain, the Council’s Playground Monitor, Alan Hall and Mrs Williams.


AP17/2 Minutes of the Annual Parish Meeting held on 25th April 2016

Cllr Andrew Luff proposed and Cllr Malcolm Roffe seconded that the minutes from the Annual Parish Meeting held on 25th April 2016 be signed as a correct record of the meeting.


AP17/3 Matters Arising from the Minutes

There were no matters arising from the minutes.


AP17/4 Annual Reports from the Council

Councillor Tregay, Chairman of Headley Parish Council thanked the current Councillors for their hard work and support. She also thanked the Clerk & Executive Officer, Katie Knowles and Assistant Clerk & Responsible Financial Officer, Tanya Hampshire and Playground Monitor, Alan Hall. Last year we reported two vacancies, these have now been filled by Laurence Bedford and Les Walsh. The Parish Council welcomed the mobile post office service to Headley Down after advocating the retention of a service on behalf of residents direct to the Post Office. The community defibrillator has now been installed in the phone box in High Street and there have been two community first aid courses run at the Village Hall.


This year the challenges have been devolution and although this has stalled in Hampshire for the foreseeable future, it has started an internal discussion about what services the Parish could take on from East Hants District Council and Hampshire County Council. Farnborough TAG’s airspace change proposals that will affect the Parish are still ongoing and the Parish Council has made representation to TAG and CAA and has been represented at lots of meetings. East Hants District Council is also challenging the proposals in the strongest terms. Finally, the Chairman reported that the traffic scheme in Eddey’s Lane is at last, in place. The Chairman thanked County Councillor Floss Mitchell for attending Parish Council meetings and keeping Councillors informed.   


After the Chairman’s report, he handed over to John Burton, Chairman of Planning.  


Councillor Burton, Chairman of Planning Committee commented that last year he referred to the application for a Lawful Development Certificate (LDC) for a caravan site adjacent to Symondstone Lane. Although the site is in the parish of Headley, it is also in close proximity to Churt. Notwithstanding over 300 individual objections plus objections from neighbouring Parish Councils and Waverley Borough Council, the LDC was granted permission by EHDC. The one significant condition was that the caravan units should be used for holiday use only.

A year on and the first of the units are on site. Not so much caravans, more akin to mobile homes or luxury lodges as described in the marketing material. At a starting price of £350,000 without ownership of the land on which they stand, a high price for a holiday home. The marketing of the holiday units is ongoing with some of the advertising having failed to make reference to the “holiday use” only restriction. Further confusion is created by the statement that they can be occupied “365 days a year”. To ensure that prospective purchasers are aware of the all-important “holiday use only” restriction, a smattering of placards have appeared, leading from Frensham Pond Hotel along Bacon Lane and Symondstone Lane.


On a broader basis, a noticeable trend over the year has been the increase in planning applications for extensions to properties. A sign of the times when the cost of moving house can amount to “£20,000 on the purchase of a £500,000 property, a large proportion of this relating to stamp duty. And this does not include any estate agent’s feed for selling the existing property. Small wonder that many decide to extend their existing property and suffer the inconvenience of being surrounded by building work.  


My tenure as Chairman of the Planning Committee is drawing to a close. I would like to extend a big thankyou to members of the Planning Committee for their dedication and commitment; also to the tree wardens for their advice and guidance in relation to tree management issues. And of course, to the members of the public for their attendance and contribution at our Planning Meetings.


Councillor Stubbings, Chairman of Amenities and Recreation Committee thanked Headley Sports Association and the Allotment Association for their support and hard work during the year. She reported that Arford Common had presented many challenges during the year. In June 2016, thanks to a vigilant resident, we discovered the devastating news that many sweet chestnut trees had been deliberately poisoned. In January 2017, 46 pines were felled along with several dead chestnuts. Residents who were opposed to the felling of the Scots Pines voiced their concerns in the strongest terms to the Parish Council.


Councillor Stubbings went on to report on the continued success of the Parish Lengthsman scheme and touched on the Council’s future plans to replace some of the safety surfacing on the Village Green. There are also plans to install outdoor fitness equipment. Finally, Councillor Stubbings thanked the Amenities and Recreation Committee for their hard work together with the Clerk and Assistant Clerk.


Q: Mr Grevatt commented that he was surprised to see Grayshott Cricket Club at Broxhead and asked if the Parish Council were involved in this?

A: Councillor Stubbings confirmed that the Parish Council were not informed and only became aware of it when the Club approached the Parish Council for funding.


AP17/5 Written report of County Council Floss Mitchell

Councillor Mitchell written report was made available to members of the public.


Councillor Mitchell reported that she has been in office for nearly a year and she keeps everyone informed through her written reports and attending Parish Council meetings bi-monthly. This time last year Councillor Mitchell asked the Parish Council what its priorities were over the forthcoming year. The then Chairman reported the following priorities:


       High Street parking

       Standford Ford

       Speeding on Long Cross Hill and throughout Arford

       Continuation of the funding of the Lengthsman Scheme and linked to that:

       The maintenance of the Parish’s Rights of Way


       Continued joint subsidy of the 18 Bus Service (Hampshire and Surrey)


With reference to these priorities, which she was pleased to be able to cover in part, in her written report, Councillor Mitchell highlighted that the 20mph scheme through Arford has been approved and she is now awaiting details of when it will be implemented. She went on to report changes to the way Highway projects are funded. Traffic management schemes including Minor Highway Improvement schemes, are now being prioritised by HCC in relation to “road casualty reduction need”. A new initiative, the Community Funded Initiative, has been launched to enable communities to fund minor improvements which have community support, using expertise and advice from HCC.  


Changes to the opening hours of household recycling centres have been put back to October 2017. The changes involve a small reduction in opening hours, and closure on Thursdays. A survey was conducted of all the Hampshire sites to establish the periods of lowest usage before the changes were proposed.


Q: A resident of Beech Hill asked why the white lines and cats’ eyes have been replaced. 

A: Councillor Mitchell explained that the lines and cats’ eyes were removed to see if speeding reduced. The predominant view of residents was that should be replaced. 


Q: The resident went on to ask if the SLR sign (flashing 30mph reminder sign) could face down Beech Hill, towards Headley. The Chairman confirmed that this would be actioned.  


Councillor Mitchell reported that she was aware that the Parish Council had discussed the speeding traffic on Crabtree Lane at its April meeting.


Finally, Councillor Mitchell highlighted that she has a devolved budget which is available to organisations and community groups.   


AP17/6 Report from District Councillors Richard Millard and Anthony Williams

Councillor Millard, Deputy Leader, East Hants District Council (EHDC) reported that as Deputy Leader he leads on all operational aspects of the District Council. He has championed a number of projects including a zero-tolerance approach to dog fouling and littering. An external provider has been brought in to provide enforcement and the first 16 criminal convictions obtained fines of £75 to £680. Fly tipping is also being targeted and EHDC will use all means available to catch and prosecute offenders. Councillor Millard highlighted that residents should be aware that they are personally responsible for the disposal of their waste. If your waste is found dumped illegally you could be fined up to £400.


Councillor Millard went on to explain that EHDC is in a strong financial position. The development of a property portfolio which provides a strong return is being actively pursued. This enables services to be maintained and developed. He went on to explain that Councillor Cowper has now stepped down as Leader and it is anticipated that on 8th May Councillor Millard will be appointed Leader.  Councillor Cowper will now be focussing his time on overseeing the development of Bordon & Whitehill and ensuring it delivers what is required from the outset.  


Q: A resident highlighted the problem of dog fouling on the football pitches on Mill Lane and another resident highlighted the football pitches on Heatherlands next to Woodlands Hall, which also has a problem.

A: Councillor Millard noted the locations. The Clerk was asked to follow up with an email.


Councillor Williams reported it was his 20th report as District Councillor. As a Parish Councillor, Councillor Williams provides an important liaison role between the Parish and District Council. He highlighted the following points:


·       Planning Legislation is changing all the time as successive governments drive to build more homes.

·       Local Plan – Part 3 (detailing planning policies on issues that are relevant to dealing with planning applications, and will also allocate land for specific purposes) has been published and will amongst other things include consultation on village boundaries and local gaps between settlements After the demise of Headley Down Community Association, Liz Panton took on the management of the Community Centre and it has gone from strength to strength. 

·       The Councillor grants programme is available to local community groups up to a maximum of £1,000.


AP17/7 Financial Report of the Council 2015/16

The Financial Report for year ending 31 March 2016 was received. Councillor Williams proposed the adoption of the Financial Report which was seconded by Councillor Roffe.  The Financial Report 2015/16 was duly adopted.


AP17/8 Statement of Accounts – Headley War Memorial Fund at 31 December 2016

The Statement of Accounts for the Headley War Memorial Fund, year ending 31 December 2016, was received and noted.


AP17//9 General Questions of the public

Q: Mr Miles referenced the “small precept increase of 9%” and asked what measures the Council would like to undertake but does not have the funds for? He would rather see a bigger increase in Council tax and improved services as the impact per household is very small.


A: Parish Council are currently not capped and therefore the Council is able to set its budget and precept request without restriction. Therefore, the Council is currently able to plan and fund projects largely through its precept.

 C: Jo Smith highlighted the Here’s Headley Event on 16th September 2017 in Headley Village Hall between 10.30am – 4.30pm where all the local clubs and societies can advertise themselves.


The meeting was closed at 9.30pm. The Chairman thanked everyone for attending.


Signed ………………………………….Chairman of Headley Parish Council