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Minutes of the Meeting of the FULL COUNCIL held on Monday 15 February 2010 at 8.00pm in the Village Hall, Arford Road, Headley.


Present:                      Cllr R Clifford (Chairman), Cllr A Williams (Vice-Chairman),

                                    Cllr C Burns, Cllr D Chamberlain, Cllr J Grevatt, Cllr D Tregay, 

                                    Cllr G Hopwood, Cllr A Luff, Cllr D Parfect, Cllr R Stubbings, 


Also in attendance:    Mrs L Farley (Parish Clerk),



Apologies were received from Cllrs Hall and Truelove.



Cllr Grevatt declared a personal interest in C146/09 as he was the Council representative on  the Headley Sports Association.



The Minutes of the following meeting, having been circulated prior to the meeting, were confirmed as a correct record and signed:

        Full Council held on 25 January 2010



Members received the minutes of the following committees:

a.       Planning held on 1 February 2010.

b.      Traffic Issues Working Party held on 8 February 2010, attached herewith, and it was

T109/14(b) RESOLVED to request a narrow temporary refuge, pinned to the road surface on Grayshott Road at the site of the proposed pedestrian crossing.

TI09/14(d) The order of priority for the agreed traffic calming measures:


030:  Agree to the proposed 20mph speed limit through Arford.

032:  Agree to a reduced width of road with painted lines.

036:  Agree to carriageway markings.

031:  a)  Preferred option, 7 parking bays and a virtual pavement.

         and it was further

         RESOLVED to request a preference for an actual pavement in front of Eashing Cottages and Charlotte Cottages in place of a virtual pavement outside of parked vehicles.

033:  Prefer ‘pinch points’ to proposed ‘priority build-outs’.

034:  Prefer all options to be ‘pinch points’ (2 are ‘priority build-outs’).

037:  Prefer 6’6” restriction (as is the norm in Surrey) to the proposed weight restriction.

Members RESOLVED that the Clerk request again to HCC that Arford residents be consulted on these measures at this early stage and also to include a flyer in the 2010 Headley report inviting Arford Residents to comment on the Scoping Study.






The Chairman reported:

After many complaints regarding traffic taking a short cut through Eddeys Lane, PCSO Jim Leggatt parked there on Wednesday morning and witnessed 11 cars passing through in a period of ½ hr.  The Police will now try enforcement and will also make enquiries about having a physical barrier built there preventing through access.


It was RESOLVED to change the order of business to accommodate members of the public.



Members received an urgent report as follows:

Cllr Hadfield reported that the permissive path adjacent to the River Wey, through Mellow Farm had recently been inspected and a definitive route established.  The River Wey Trust would contact Headley Parish Council to provide a map and to propose shared management of this path.



a.       Members considered a proposed planning application to build cricket practice nets on Council owned land and after consideration it was

                     RESOLVED to approve the positioning of the nets and the lodgement of the planning application by Headley Cricket Club.

b.      Members received a report from Cllr Grevatt, following a meeting with Headley United Football Club, concerning proposed dugouts on the playing fields.

c.                                     RESOLVED that the preferred materials for the proposed dugouts was polycarbonate.

d.                                    RESOLVED to grant £1,000 to Headley United Football Club in this financial year to be funded from the current budget account: Grants 4025, the balance to be vired from council budget account Admin Contingency 4047 into account Grants 4025 to accommodate this.

e.                                     RESOLVED to request £950 from Developers’ Contributions on behalf of Headley United Football Club to part fund dugouts.

f.        Members received and noted correspondence from the Tennis Club, thanking them for arranging the cleaning of the tennis courts.

a.                                     RESOLVED that the Clerk should arrange for the tennis courts to be repainted in accordance with HPC’s financial regulations.



  1. There were no Highways Orders to note.
  2. County Councillor’s report:  there was no report.



District Councillor’s report: there was no report.



a.                           RESOLVED that the Full Council Income and Expenditure Report for the period 1 April 2009 to 31 January 2010, be agreed and signed and is attached herewith.  

b.  A list of payments made during January 2010, which had been previously distributed was noted and signed and is attached herewith.

c.  The Clerk reported that there had been an input error in the bank reconciliation presented to the January Full Council, (minute C132/09(c) refers).

d.  Members received and approved bank statements and the corresponding bank reconciliation for January 2010.

e.                  RESOLVED to transfer £100 from ‘Headley Parish Council – War Memorial Fund’ to the Council current account in order to send a cheque to Headley Voluntary Care.

f.                   RESOLVED to form a working party to review Standing Orders and Financial Regulations at the next Full Council meeting in March.



Members received correspondence from the Headley Society that had been previously distributed (minute C019/09(c) & (d) Oct 09 refer) and it was

                 RESOLVED that the brass plaque be mounted in the Village Hall close to the previous one, the iron plaque be mounted at the Holly Bush with the landlords agreement (using anti-theft bolts) and the framed certificate to be hung in the Church Centre.  It was also

                 RESOLVED that the £350 prize money be offered to the Holme C of E Primary School and that the Clerk would seek advice from the Head Teacher for the preferred arrangement for this.



a.       Members noted the Clerk’s verbal report that HPC were not legally bound to have staff, that monitor and maintain their play areas, CRB checked.  (minute C124/09(d) Nov 09 refers)

b.                                    RESOLVED to issue a press release advertising the Annual Parish Meeting, posters distributed to locations where quarterly news letters are held and to reserve front seats at the meeting for HPC Chairmen, HCC and EHDC members.

c.                                     RESOLVED to hold the annual volunteers’ reception.

d.      The Clerk reported that a committee had been formed in Grayshott, separate from the Parish Council, called Emergency Group Grayshott (EGG) and this committee was drawing up plans to deal with severe weather conditions in their area.  Notes from the first meeting were available to HPC Members on request to the Clerk. (minute C131/09, Jan 10 refers)



a.       Cllr Luff reported that he had found no evidence that the track was being used for vehicular access across Standford Land.  He reported that a fence had been erected along part of the track, encroaching onto council owned land, and suggested that the Clerk write to the owners of the property concerned advising them of where the boundary actually exists.  He would continue to monitor the area.

b.      Members noted a report from Cllr Grevatt regarding a meeting with Chris Webb, the Head Warden of Ludshott Common which had been previously distributed and is attached herewith.


There being no further business the meeting closed at 9.27pm