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Minutes of the meeting of FULL COUNCIL held on Monday 14th March 2005 at 8.00pm in the Village Hall, Arford Road, Headley.

* Cllr  J Grevatt – Chairman      a Cllr  J Hadfield  
* Cllr A Williams – Vice-Chairman       * Cllr G Hopwood
* Cllr C Burns        * Cllr A Luff
* Cllr D Chamberlain   * Cllr R Stubbings
a Cllr R Clifford     a Cllr Truelove
Cllr E Farmer * Cllr  D Tregay
* Mrs K Shipton (Parish Clerk)   

* denotes present     a denotes apologies received.

Also present a representative from the press.


Apologies were received from Cllr Truelove.


No Members declared any personal or prejudicial interest in any item on the agenda.

Members noted that the Standards Board for England is consulting on changes to the Code. Details available in the office. Cllr Luff and Burns to examine the document and report to the next meeting of the Council.


The Minutes of the following meeting, having been circulated prior to the        meeting, were confirmed and signed.

Full Council held on 14th February 2005


The Council ratified the Minutes of the following committees:

Planning held on 7th February 2005


Reports from Council Representatives.

Three Parishes Fund.             No report.                    Mrs Rix/Mrs Wilson

East Hants Association of Town & Parish Council          Cllr D Tregay

Cllr Tregay attended his first meeting when the speaker was Guy Riddoch from East Hants DC who outlined the criteria for ‘real projects’ with details of need, timescales, costs and benefit to the community.

Village Hall Management Committee                             Cllr J Hadfield

Cllr Hadfield said that the AGM would be held on Friday 18th March.

Headley Down Community Association                          Cllr D Tregay

Cllr Hopwood said that Open Week begins 21 March and May has been designated Volunteers month. The Association is discussing the location of the Youth Pod and website training.

Headley Sports Association                                      Cllrs Clifford & Grevatt

Cllr Grevatt explained that Cllr Clifford is nominated as his alternate.

Whitehill & Bordon CAB                                                      Cllr A Luff

Cllr Luff was unable to attend the recent meeting. It was noted that this position would be reviewed at the May Council meeting.

Public Transport Co-ordinator                                               Cllr G Hopwood

Cllr Hopwood said that he would be attending two meetings. He advised that the bus that services Holme School is a public service bus not a dedicated bus for Holme School.

Mill Chase Community School Governing Body -Community Committee          Cllr D Tregay

Cllr Tregay announced that a successful technology bid had been achieved.

River Wey Trust                                                               Maj Gen Sinnatt

Maj Gen Sinnatt provided a written report, which is attached to the file copy of the Minutes. Their recent application to SITA was unsuccessful. Cllr Grevatt reminded members of their annual fundraising event on 25th June at Bramshott Mill.           

Standford/Passfield/Hollywater Association.  No report.   Mrs Little

Grayshott Heathland Trust.                      Cllr R Clifford/Mr Vincer

Cllr Clifford informed the meeting that East Hants DC has arranged a meeting with the Trustees on 23 May to discuss the proposed land survey.

Fullers Vale Wildlife Pond Committee.                                Cllr R Stubbings

Cllr Stubbings said that the committee will be having a tidy up in May.


Resolved that the Financial Summary for the period 1st April 2004 to 28th February 2005 be agreed and signed. A list of cheques drawn during that period was agreed and signed, and was available at the meeting for members’ perusal.

Members received the Budget Comparison for the period 1st April 2004 to 28th February 2005.


Cllr Williams said that a reply is pending from Headley Sports Association who are considering a letter outlining the Councils Resolution.


The Chairman said that following the last Council meeting he had met with Officers from East Hants DC and notes from that meeting have been circulated. He said that the Plan must contain action plans with details and priorities. At the last meeting of the Steering Committee redrafting and other issues are being addressed and therefore it was decided not to circulate the draft with the Headley Report. It is anticipated that a revised draft will be sent out to the Village organisations for comment. The next meeting is scheduled for 13 April. Cllr Grevatt explained to Members that the Plan does not have to include a Village Design Statement or a piece relating to Conservation as currently there are no volunteers to undertake these sections. Cllr Williams suggested that a display at the Annual Parish Meeting of the Plan in a format ‘the story so far’ might be useful and this was agreed as a good idea.


It was agreed that Cllr Chamberlain attends the Larger Councils’ Forum Wednesday 25th May 2005 6pm at Penns Place, Petersfield.

 To consider a second attendee at the next Council Meeting.

Licensing Act 2003 – East Hants DC Licensing Policy available in the office 2005 – 2008.


The Library Service is reviewing the Mobile Service and request comments. The Councillors suggested that more effective advertising at each stop might be considered in the form of a finger post or ‘A’ board and this will be conveyed to the Library Service.

Members noted that publicity is being undertaken concerning the seeking of a Public Footpath Order on the unadopted footpath parallel with Fullers Vale through Hilland Woods.


The Chairman informed Members that unfortunately the recent application for funding made to the Quality Parish Investment Fund was unsuccessful. It was agreed to write to NALC and HAPTC to ascertain details of reason for refusal. Also agreed to re-submit once the relevant reasons have been addressed.

C169/04  HEADLEY REPORT 2004/05

The Chairman reported that a number of new volunteers had come forward to assist with the delivering of the Headley Report. A new delivery list will be circulated and Members were requested to assist on Monday prior to Amenities to put the Reports in relevant piles for the volunteers to collect.

It was noted that the Report is at the printers. It was agreed the additional printing costs from £1934 to £2065 due to an increased number of pages.

Cllr Grevatt outlined his idea for a volunteer’s reception to thank people who have assisted the Parish in various ways. It was agreed to hold the reception 25 April prior to the Annual Parish Meeting between 6.30 – 7.30pm. It was further agreed to release the Chairman’s allowance of £25 to assist with the costs.


Cllr Grevatt showed the Councillors the letter and coloured envelope, which will be available at various locations.


Cllr Chamberlain presented her papers relating to procedures within Headley Parish Council i.e.. Election of Chairmen, Committee membership and Terms of Reference. Minute C141/04 refers. The principle was discussed and it was agreed that Councillors complete the forms of their own volition and return them to the Clerk for summarising in time for the next Council meeting to be held on 11th April 2005. Nomination forms will be available for Councillors use at the April meeting.

It was agreed that the Councils Standing Orders relating to appointments be reviewed at the next Council meeting.


Cllr Luff requested that it be recorded that he had found no evidence to date   that the track was being used for vehicular access across Standford Land. He reported that he would continue to monitor the situation.

There being no further business the meeting closed at 9.25 pm