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Minutes of the Meeting of FULL COUNCIL held on Monday 13th June 2005 at 8.00pm in the Village Hall, Arford Road, Headley.


* Cllr J Grevatt – Chairman                               * Cllr J Hadfield

* Cllr– G Hopwood Vice-Chairman                    * Cllr A Luff

a Cllr C Burns                                                   * Cllr R Stubbings

* Cllr D Chamberlain                                         * Cllr J Truelove

* Cllr R Clifford                                                * Cllr D Tregay 

   Vacancy                                                        * Cllr A Williams


* Mrs K Shipton (Parish Clerk)

* denotes present     a denotes apologies received.

Also present Maj. Gen. M Sinnatt and a representative from the press.



  Apologies were received from Cllr Burns.



a.       No Members declared any personal or prejudicial interest in any item on the agenda.


b.       Members were reminded to amend their Declaration of Interest form if there have been any changes to their circumstances in the year.


c.       Cllr Grevatt, Chairman duly signed the Declaration of Office.



The Minutes of the following meeting, having been circulated prior to the meeting, were confirmed and signed.

Full Council held on 9th May 2005

Special Council held on 16th May 2005



  The Council ratified the Minutes of the following committees:

Planning held on 3rd May 2005

Amenities held on 21st March 2005



The Chairman announced: the date of Relate AGM, his attendance at Holme School, thank you letters received from recipients of grants, the ‘Welcome to Headley’ letter has been well received to date and lastly the play equipment which had been vandalised by fire on 2nd June 2005 at Mill Lane recreation ground.



Headley Parish Council currently has a vacancy for one councillor. The vacancy is being advertised on notice boards, the Parish Magazine and the web site.



Reports from Council Representatives.


    East Hants Association of Town & Parish Council          Cllr D Tregay

·         Cllr Tregay said that the next meeting would be having a speaker and discussion on rural traffic/speed limits. He would invite Mr T Eamey to join him.


   Village Hall Management Committee                                        Cllr J Hadfield

·         Cllr Truelove said that the renovation works to the foyer and toilets were nearly finished.


               Headley Down Community Association                                   Cllr D Tregay

·          Cllr Tregay said that at the last meeting financial, staffing and the appointment of a new manager were the main issues discussed. Mr J Filer has resigned as a Trustee.


   Headley Sports Association                                                     Cllrs Clifford & Grevatt

·         Cllr Grevatt presented the planning application for the tennis club proposed practice wall. It was Resolved that the Parish Council submits the Application with the fee of £ 67.50.


               Whitehill & Bordon CAB                                            Cllr A Luff / Cllr D Chamberlain

·         Cllr Luff attended his last meeting before handing over to Cllr Chamberlain.         


                 Public Transport Co-ordinator                                                 Cllr G Hopwood

·         No report.


               Mill Chase Community School Governing Body          

             -Community Committee                                                          Cllr D Tregay

·         No report.


  River Wey Trust                                                                Maj Gen Sinnatt

·         Maj Gen Sinnatt gave a report, which is attached to the file copy of the Minutes. He requested that Councillors to consider appointing a representative in place of him. He explained the work of the Wey Trust and the summer programme of events.


   Standford/Passfield/Hollywater Association.     Mrs Little

·         No report. 


               Grayshott Heathland Trust.                             Cllr R Clifford/Mr Vincer

·         No report.



a.       Resolved that the Financial Summary for the period 1st April 2005 to 31st May 2005 be agreed and signed. A list of cheques drawn during that period was agreed and signed, and was available at the meeting for members’ perusal.


b.       Members received the Budget Comparison for the period 1st April 2005 to 31st May 2005.



Members received and agreed the Recommendations from the Sports Sub-Committee held on 31 May 2005 relating to new user of the Headley Playing Fields.

Minutes signed and attached to record Minutes.



The Chairman informed and invited all to the Public Meeting to be held on Monday 20th June 2005, 8pm in the Village Hall, when the revised draft plan will be fully discussed.



Cllr Chamberlain presented a draft summer newsletter with an insert on public transport timetable prepared by Cllr Hopwood. Members noted that the costs would increase due to the insert. It was agreed to print the newsletter on coloured paper to differentiate editions.



Members received Cllr Chamberlain’s report following her attendance at the Larger Councils’ Forum Wednesday 25th May 2005 6pm at Penns Place, Petersfield. Attached.



a.         Cllr Grevatt gave an update on the current position of seeking of a Public Footpath Order on the unadopted footpath parallel with Fullers Vale through Hilland Woods. He said that a recent meeting with HCC Officer and Cllr Williams had been interesting and informative relating to previous claims. Currently the Parish Council had received 7 Users Forms and 9 letters of objection. Councillors reluctantly agreed that there was not sufficient demand for the footpath.

b.         Members considered whether to submit the User forms or delete this matter. Minute C14/05 refers. It was Resolved not to proceed with a Right of Way footpath claim at Hilland Woods.


c.         Members noted the following Highway Orders for information.

·         Temporary Road Closure – Arford Road from the junction with Kirk Knoll with Long Cross Hill. From 20 June for a period of up to three months or until completion of works whichever is sooner.

·         Temporary Road Closure – Churt Road from the junction with Kitts Lane to junction with Hearn Vale. From 4 July for a period of up to three months or until completion of works whichever is sooner

·         Temporary Road Closure – Headley Footpath No.40. – Footpath 40 100 metres to junction to Glayshers Hill. From 27th June for a period of 5 days.



a.       Members noted that the 58th Annual General Meeting would be held on Saturday 8th October 2005. Resolutions to be received by 1st July – it is the responsibility of the proposing Council to obtain support for its proposed resolution.


                                      i.         Not to submit any Resolutions for the AGM.

                                    ii.         To consider appointing a attendee at next Council Meeting

                                  iii.         To take the Councils views on the AGM Resolutions prior to the meeting of 8th October 2005.


b.       Cllr Chamberlain and the Clerk attended the retirement reception for Mrs Suzanne Hudson, Director of HAPTC held on Friday 10th June 2005 7.30. The New Director of HAPTC, Mr Steven Lugg has been appointed from effect 1st July 2005.



Members noted that the new computer system had been successfully installed.



a.       Cllr Luff requested that it be recorded that he had found no evidence to date that the track was being used for vehicular access across Standford Land. He reported that he would continue to monitor the situation.


b.       Cllr Grevatt informed Members that the signs on Parish land had now been removed following his intervention.


There being no further business the meeting closed at 9.20 pm