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Minutes of the Meeting of the FULL COUNCIL held on Monday 12th June 2006 at 8.00pm in the Village Hall, Arford Road, Headley.


* Cllr G Hopwood, Chairman                           a Cllr J Hadfield                                                          

a Cllr A Williams, Vice-Chairman                     * Cllr R Hall                

a Cllr C Burns                                                  * Cllr A Luff                                        

* Cllr D Chamberlain                                        * Cllr R Stubbings                                           

* Cllr R Clifford                                                a Cllr J Truelove

* Cllr J Grevatt                                     * Cllr D Tregay 


* Mrs K Shipton (Parish Clerk)

* denotes present     a denotes apologies received.

Also present a representative from the Bordon Herald..



Apologies received from Cllrs Burns, Hadfield, Truelove and Williams. 



No Members declared any personal or prejudicial interest in any item on the agenda.



The Minutes of the following meeting, having been circulated prior to the meeting, were confirmed and signed.

Full Council held on 8th May 2006



 The Council ratified the Minutes of the following committee:

Planning held on 3rd April 2006

Amenities & Recreation held on 20th March 2006



Cllr Hopwood informed Members that he has been invited by Hants CC to a Service of Thanksgiving to mark the 80th birthday of the Queen. Sunday 18 June 2006 at 11am Winchester Cathedral & reception in the Great Hall afterwards. He advised Members of other diary dates: Hampshire Local Area Agreement Partnership Event. Tuesday 27 June 10am – 3pm Winchester Guildhall. River Wey Trust Annual event. Saturday 1st July at 12 noon, Meadowside Farm, Standford. Alton Counselling Service AGM 14 June at 8pm. EHDC Community Forum – Liphook 20 June 6.30pm. Presentation from PC Fletcher on reorganization & new approach to community policing + the new 101 non-emergency number. HAPTC – last 2 training dates in “Chairmanship Skills” for Cllrs Chamberlain and Hopwood 5 Sept & 26 Sept. He concluded by advising that Hants Constabulary will produce a series of newsletters which HPC will receive in due course.



a.         Reports from Council Representatives.


    East Hants Association of Town & Parish Council           Cllr D Tregay

·        Next meeting 14th June 2006. At the last meeting members discussed the Quality Council scheme.

   Village Hall Management Committee                          Cllr J Hadfield

·        No report.

               Headley Down Community Association                                  Cllr D Tregay

·         Cllr Tregay said that the Association has better controls in place and business plans which are effective. The feasibility study has not been undertaken on the area which may become a football pitch; this issue will be discussed at a meeting on 21st June. AGM 13 September.

   Headley Sports Association                                                   Cllrs R Clifford & J Grevatt

·        Cllr Grevatt said that the revised draft constitution was ready to be approved at their AGM in July. The changes for Parish Council representatives are that the 2 representatives have no vote and will not be Trustees. The Association will inform the Council of all meeting dates and send agendas and minutes to the office.

               Whitehill & Bordon CAB                                                       Cllr D Chamberlain

·        Cllr Chamberlain said the next meeting will be in September with their AGM in July.

                 Public Transport Co-ordinator                                               Cllr G Hopwood

·        Cllr Hopwood said that the Holme School bus failed to turn up due to a breakdown, a letter has been sent from the Parish Office to the bus company requesting better communications with the school. Next Transport Forum 18 July.

               Mill Chase Community School Governing Body         

             -Community Committee                                                            Cllr D Tregay

·        Cllr Tregay informed the meeting that a letter will be sent to all members as the Committee do not wish to continue as it is a repeat of the Governors meetings.

  River Wey Trust                                                                     Cllr J Hadfield

·        No report.

   Standford/Passfield/Hollywater Association.              Mrs Little

·        No report.

               Grayshott Heathland Trust.                                        Cllr R Clifford/Mr Vincer

·        Cllr Clifford said that no progress can be made until the boundary issues have been resolved and the soil report has been addressed.  Four Trustees remaining.

              Police Liaison                                                             Mr T Eamey

·        Cllr Hopwood read Mr Eamey’s report. Attached to record Minutes.


b.         Cllr Chamberlain presented the draft letter to the National Association of Citizens Advice Bureau as requested by Council on 13 February 2006 Minute C158/05(b) Resolved that the letter be sent.



Exhibition of Local Organisations held in the Village Hall on 27, 28 & 29 May.  

Cllrs Chamberlain and Hall manned the Council stall on different days and said that much interest and queries were received. Thanks were given to all the councillors who assisted during the weekend.



a.      Resolved that the Financial Summary for the period 1st April 2006 to 31st May 2006 be agreed and signed. A list of cheques drawn during that period was agreed and signed, and was available at the meeting for members’ perusal.


b.      Members received and noted the Budget Comparison for the period 1st April 2006 to 31st May 2006.


c.        Members received the internally Audited 2005/06 accounts and it was    Resolved that:


                                                        i.            the audited end of year accounts 31st March 2006 be agreed and signed.


                                                      ii.            the Annual Return be approved and signed.


                                                    iii.            there were no matters requiring reporting from the Internal Auditor


                                                    iv.            the Internal Auditor’s fee for 2006/07 of £610 be agreed


                                                      v.            noted that the Audit Commission Audit date will be 7th August 2006



Members received, discussed and considered the recommendations from the notes of an informal meeting held on 22 May 2006.

Resolved to advertise via the Parish Newsletter and Bordon Herald for volunteers to join the sub-committees to progress the Parish Plan.


Resolved to defer appointing the two sub-committees until the July meeting.



a.    The Larger Local Councils’ Forum – Wednesday 24th May 2006 6pm Penns Place.

Members received a report from Cllr Chamberlain who said that the District Council are considering holding a separate meeting on Rights of Way after she brought the issues up and other delegates expressed a great interest in the subject.


b.    Temporary Road Closure – Licensing of Temporary barriers. Openfields, along to Churchfields, down Crabtree Lane into the Village Green for the occasion of Headley Michaelmas Fête, between 12.00 and 12.40hours. Saturday 30th September 2006. Agreed no objection.


c.    Members noted the intention to widen the current scheme for Developers Contributions, as per EHDC letter of 20th March 2006, which was discussed at the informal meeting held on 22nd May. Members ratified the Parish Council letter sent to EHDC identifying potential requirements for Headley Parish from the Developers Contributions. Attached to Record Minutes.



No Highway Order received.



Cllr Hopwood agreed to attend the HAPTC AGM Saturday 7th October 2006. Agreed to discuss the views of the Parish Council concerning the agenda, when available.



Members reviewed the above meeting.

Members received a hand-out explaining how to report problems and it was suggested that some email addresses could be included.






C036/06   PARISH NEWSLETTER - summer

Cllr Chamberlain presented a draft, which was agreed with the addition of ‘Stop Press’ requesting volunteers to join the Parish Plan implementation sub-committees. Members thanked Cllr Chamberlain for producing the newsletter, which has been well received. Cllr Grevatt informed the meeting that the new editor of the Parish magazine is Mr Robin Smeeton and the Council is welcome to put articles in the magazine at any time.


Resolved that Cllr Hall insert the newsletter into the Parish magazine end of June.



Members considered the front cover for next years Headley Report to enable photographs to be taken in the summer months. It was agreed to suggest, transport, rural roads, footpaths and the Michaelmas Fête.



Update to Minute C020/06. An amended quotation for office door security was discussed. To supply and fit a door entry intercom on the Parish office entrance door with a new rim lock latch in accordance with BS360. @ £ 425.00 + VAT.

Resolved to proceed with the above.



Cllr Luff requested that it be recorded that he had found no evidence to date that the track was being used for vehicular access across Standford Land. He reported that he would continue to monitor the situation.


All Councillors and staff invited to view the land in question on Monday 10 July prior to the Council Meeting and to assemble at the Parish Office at 7pm.






There being no further business the meeting closed at 9.13pm