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Minutes of the Meeting of the FULL COUNCIL held on Monday 15 June 2009 at 8.00pm in the Village Hall, Arford Road, Headley.


Present:          Cllr R Clifford (Chairman), Cllr A Williams (Vice-Chairman),Cllr C Burns,

                        Cllr J Grevatt, Cllr J Hadfield, Cllr R Hall, Cllr G Hopwood, Cllr A Luff,

                        Cllr R Stubbings, Cllr D Tregay 


                        Mrs L Farley (Parish Clerk), Cllr Sam James (HCC), Mrs Sue Sergeant (Standford/Passfield/Hollywater Association) and Mrs Sheila Checkley (The Bordon Herald)



Apologies for absence were received from Cllrs Chamberlain and Truelove.



There were no declarations of interest.



The Minutes of Full Council held on 5 May 2009, having been circulated prior to this meeting, were confirmed and signed as a correct record.        



 The Council ratified the Minutes of the following committee:

            Amenities and Recreation held on 9 March 2009.

            Planning held on 6 April and 11 May 2009.



The Chairman reported:

·         The Headley Village Hall Trustees had written to thank the Council for their decision to provide photocopying services. 

·         He had written to James Hadfield, thanking him for his years of service on the Parish Council and that this vacancy had been advertised.

·         He had written to Cllr Sam James, congratulating him on his success at the recent County Council election.

·         An electronic weekly digest, ‘Rural Services Community’ was available to any Member if they let the Clerk know that they would like it sent to their email address.

·         The Village Green car park resurfacing had begun and was anticipated to take at least three weeks. 



a.         It was

              RESOLVED that the clerk would write on behalf of the Council, congratulating the Holme Primary School on their good Ofsted report.

b.        It was

              RESOLVED that the Council would hold a stall at The Holme Primary School Summer Fair on Saturday 18 July and Cllrs Hall, Clifford and Burns would arrange this.




a.       There were no Highway Orders to note.

b.      Planning inquiry regarding the Definitive Map Modification Order 2008 (extension of footpath 28), held on 28 April 2009.

       Cllr Luff had attended the inquiry and reported that a recommendation had been made by the inspector to modify the above mentioned order to exclude the part of the path known as the ‘spur’, due to lack of supporting evidence and to specify the width of the remaining path, subject to advertising.

c.       It was

       RESOLVED that the Clerk would write stating that the Council preferred the original Modification Order but gave strong support to the Inspector’s recommendation.

d.      Cllr Sam James, HCC, reported:

·         That the County Councillor’s Devolved Budget Scheme could not be used until August, in order that new Members could be trained on procedures.

·         That Hampshire Highways would be following up Mott Gifford, the company involved with local road signage that had recently been installed and obscured by foliage.

·         That Hampshire Highways East would be investigating a complaint made recently about the encroaching verges in Liphook Road.



Cllr Williams reported that there had been a suggestion to reinstate Whitehill / Bordon’s train line.



a.                       RESOLVED that the Full Council income and expenditure report for the period 1 April 2008 to 31 March 2009 be received and signed as approved and is attached herewith.

b.                       RESOLVED that the Full Council income and expenditure report for the period 1 April 2009 to 30 April 2009 be received and signed as approved and is attached herewith.

c.                       RESOLVED that the Full Council income and expenditure report for the period 1 April 2009 to 31 May 2009 be received and signed as approved and is attached herewith.

d.                      RESOLVED that a list of payments made during April 2009, which had been previously distributed be approved and signed

e.                       RESOLVED that a list of payments made during May 2009, which had been previously distributed be approved and signed

f.          Members received and noted bank statements and the corresponding bank reconciliation for May 2009.

g.                       RESOLVED that the audited accounts for the year 2008/09, which had been previously distributed, be received and signed as approved.

h.                       RESOLVED that the accounts annual return for the year 2008/09, which had been previously distributed, be received and signed as approved.

i.           Members received and noted the Internal Auditor’s Report, which had been previously distributed.

j.           Members considered a request from Mrs Schofield to provide photocopying services for the Village Fete 2010, which had been previously distributed and it was

              RESOLVED to initially provide 3,000 copies for 2009 and 2010.


Council representative reports were received as follows:

a.        East Hants Association of Town & Parish Councils

       Cllr Hall attended a recent meeting and reported that the site which HARAH was hoping to use for affordable housing at Heatherlands had been deemed unsuitable, due to subsidence and also that he had reported to Amey, who were represented at                        the meeting, that various road signs in the Parish were obscured by foliage.

b.        Headley Down Community Association

       Cllr Hopwood reported that a Summer Fair was planned for 18 July and that the creation of mini-soccer pitches was underway.

c.         Headley Sports Association

       Cllr Grevatt reported that HSA accounts had been audited in preparation for their AGM.He also reported that the HSA expected their insurance company to pay for          virtually all of the recent flood damage.

d.        Whitehill & Bordon CAB

       AGM minutes had been previously distributed, and attachments available in the Parish Office

e.         Public Transport Co-ordinator

       Cllr Hopwood reported that the school bus had been early on some mornings but was still a double decker in the afternoons and he was attempting to have this          remedied for safety reasons.                    

f.         River Wey Trust         

       There was no report.                                         

g.        Grayshott Heathland Trust

       There was no report.                                         

h.        Police Liaison

       A report from Mr Eamey was distributed and noted at the meeting and is attached   herewith.  Councillors asked the Clerk to convey their gratitude to Mr Eamey for     his reports.

To Consider the following vacancies:

i.          Village Hall Management Committee

              RESOLVED that Cllr Stubbings would take on this role.          

j.          Standford/Passfield/Hollywater Association                                                

     It was noted that Mr & Mrs Sergeant had recently agreed to be Council representatives for this association.  Mrs Sergeant’s report included that the association had a membership of 350 and the committee met on the 2nd Thursday of each month.  She also reported that the association continued to be involved with Whitehill and Bordon Opportunity Group with regard to the HCC land in Standford.



(Cllrs Hall, Williams, Clifford, Hopwood and Tregay and T Eamey).

Cllr Hall reported:

·         He planned to meet with Mott Gifford to discuss the road signs that were still obscured by vegetation.

·         He planned to meet with Hampshire Highways to look at pavement along Standford Lane, pedestrian crossing at Grayshott Road, parking at Beech Hill round-about and minor defects on the 2 new footpaths that had been completed at Badgerswood Surgery and Eddey’s Lane.

·         Radar speed limit reminder signs were to be installed on Barley Mow Hill in 2 weeks time for a short trial period.



(Cllrs Grevatt, Tregay, Hall and invited representatives).

            Cllr Tregay reported that he had received nothing from Mrs Schofield on bio-diversity and it was planned that he would meet with Cllr Hall to plan a way forward in respect of         the Parish Design Statement and the Bio-Diversity section.



It was         

        RESOLVED that Cllr Hopwood would conduct the annual inspection of bus shelters and report any work deemed necessary to the next Full council meeting.


C037/09  GRIT BINS

This item, regarding the placement of new grit bins (Minute C012/09, 5 May 2009 refers) was postponed until the July Full Council.



It was

            RESOLVED to approve the Summer Newsletter, which had been previously distributed.



a.       Members reviewed the format of the Annual Parish Meeting (Minute C020/09, 5 May 2009 refers) and it was

                 RESOLVED to consider new strategies such as placing a loose poster in the Headley Report, road advertising signs or banners, generally advertise more strongly and possibly being more inclusive with fellow HCC and EHDC local councillors.

b.                 RESOLVED to replace an Open Day with a stall at the Holme Primary School Summer Fair 2009.

c.                  RESOLVED to adopt the Community Engagement Strategy which had been previously distributed with agreed amendments, copy attached herewith.



Members considered the need for professional cleaning and maintenance of the War Memorial (Minute C020/09(a,ii) refers) and it was

            RESOLVED to arrange to meet with a British Legion representative on site to ascertain their concerns. 



a.                  RESOLVED that Cllrs Clifford and Chamberlain would represent Headley Parish Council at the Larger Councils’ Forum on 30 September 2009 in the Council Chamber, Penns Place at 6pm for a 6.30pm start.

b.                 RESOLVED to request that the following items be added to the Larger Councils’ Forum agenda:

                                                        i.      The moratorium on Tree preservation orders.

                                                      ii.      EHDC planning website problems.

                                                    iii.      Bus service cuts and the air of secrecy that surrounds them.

                                                    iv.      To request an update of the HARAH scheme in East Hants.





a.       Cllr Luff reported that although the track had been mown recently, he had found no evidence that the track was being used for vehicular access across Standford Land and he would continue to monitor the area.

b.      Members considered the replacement of broken, collapsible bollards on the Village Green and it was

               RESOLVED that the Chairman would work with the Clerk to prepare some suggestions for the July Full Council’s consideration.

c.       Members considered a request from Headley Youth Football Club, which had been previously distributed and it was

               RESOLVED to permit the use of the Village Green for football practice, providing the previous restrictions were adhered to.


There being no further business the meeting closed at 9.56pm.