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Minutes of the Meeting of the FULL COUNCIL held on Monday 8th June 2015 at 8.00pm in the Parish Office, Arford Road, Headley.


Cllr Deborah Chamberlain (Chairman)

Cllr Rita Stubbings

Cllr John Burton       

Cllr Anthony Williams        

Cllr Jill  Howard-Duff


Cllr Peter Lee


Cllr Malcolm Roffe




Also in attendance: Miss Katie Knowles, Clerk & Executive Officer, and Mrs C Philp, Mr T Burton and Mrs A Jackson.


The Chairman announced that Mr Burton had submitted prior notification to the Clerk of a question he would like to ask of the Parish Council. Mrs Jackson wished to inform Councillors of a community project at Heatherlands and to ask the Council for support.


The Chairman invited Mr Burton to repeat his question for the benefit of all Councillors. Mr Burton stated that he had been in contact with Miss Kirkham of ‘Action Hampshire’ about a letter she had sent to the owner of the The New Bungalow, Headley Nurseries about a development proposal. Miss Kirkham had reportedly stated that “this site is not being considered as a possible location for a rural affordable housing scheme.  That decision has been taken recently following discussions with East Hampshire District Council". He wanted the Parish Council to provide an update on the proposal and he confirmed that he had also requested an update from East Hants District Council. 


The Chairman confirmed that Action Hampshire working under the umbrella organisation HARAH (Hampshire Association of Rural Affordable Housing) had been actively looking for sites in the Parish for an affordable housing scheme. As the former Headley Nurseries site is an ‘allocation site’ in the Local Plan and therefore already identified for development, it was unlikely that HARAH would be able to meet the purchase price of the land as it had the potential to be developed with market housing.


The Chairman informed Mrs Jackson that the Council could not consider her proposal at this evening’s meeting but it would be programmed for a future meeting where Councillors would be able to read the report and visit the site if appropriate. Mrs Jackson provided copies of an action plan that had been recently prepared following a meeting with the Hampshire Wildlife Trust about developing a Nature Reserve on scrubland at Heatherlands. Mrs Jackson summarised some of the main action points. She reported that there was a pool of approximately 30 volunteers. Mrs Jackson reported that one of the main issues she was trying to change was the frequency of grass cutting on the area around the football pitches which is cut by East Hants District Council (EHDC). Mrs Jackson felt that the Parish Council should take on this role in addition to the football pitches which the Council’s contractor currently cuts, on behalf of EHDC. The Clerk confirmed that this would be a decision for EHDC and not the Parish Council. Councillor Williams commented that there would be budgetary implications for EHDC in order to increase the frequency of cuts.   Councillor Stubbings, the Chairman of Amenities and Recreation Committee, agreed to contact Mrs Jackson.



Apologies were received from Councillor Luff, Councillor Tregay and Councillor Ellens and it was RESOLVED to accept these apologies.



There were no declarations of interest.



The Minutes of Full Council held on Monday 18th May 2015, having been circulated prior to this meeting, were confirmed and signed as a correct record.           



a)    Council ratified the Minutes of the Planning Committee held on 5th May 2015.

b)    The minutes of the Amenities & Recreation Committee held on 26th May 2015 were deferred until the July Council meeting.



The Chairman reported that Mrs Christine Philp had put herself forward for co-option onto the Parish Council.  Mrs Philp presented an overview of her working career and her involvement in sport and other interests in the Parish. The Chairman gave Councillors an opportunity to ask questions and then asked Mrs Philp to step outside. After a brief discussion the Chairman proposed that Mrs Philp be co-opted onto the Council which was seconded by Councillor Burton. It was unanimously RESOLVED to co-opt Christine Philp onto the Parish Council. The Chairman invited Mrs Philp back into the room and welcomed her to the Parish Council.      



The Chairman reported:



  1. Councillor Cowper is currently on leave.
  2. Members considered the electoral review of Hampshire County Council which will seek to balance electoral equality where each county councillor represents roughly the same number of electors as others across the county, that the pattern of divisions should, as far as possible, reflect the interests and identities of local communities and that the electoral arrangements should provide for effective and convenient local government. The current boundary includes Headley, Grayshott and Liphook & Bramshott. Currently there is no information available on the number of electors for each division and the Clerk was asked to request this information. The review will be considered at the July meeting.   
  3. There were no Highway Orders to report.



There were no items to report.



  1. It was RESOLVED that the Full Council Income and Expenditure report for the period 1 April 2015 – 31st May 2015 be received and signed as approved and is attached herewith.
  2. It was RESOLVED to approve the list of payments during May 2015 and were signed as approved. 
  3. Members received and noted bank statements and the corresponding bank reconciliation at 30th April 2015.



Members considered a draft resolution of the Hampshire Association of Local Councils (HALC) to give notice to the National Association of Local Councils (NALC) to improve or if not, to give notice to cut its ties (disaffiliate) with the organisation. Members considered the role of NALC and how individual Councils in Hampshire would be represented nationally if HALC disaffiliated. It was felt that there was insufficient objective information available to be able to make a decision and therefore it was RESOLVED that further information be requested from HALC on the specific areas that require improvement, and that a view is sought from NALC on the proposal. Councillor Lee commented that he would be attending the meeting of the East Hants Association of Parish and Town Councils on Thursday and would raise the matter in order to get some feedback from other Councils.   




a) Standford/Passfield/Hollywater Association

No update. It was noted the AGM had been recently cancelled.

b) Police Liaison

The Beat Surgeries are currently held in the Church Centre.

c) River Wey Trust

The 2015 Pimms Party will take place on Saturday 27th June at The Old Forge, Conford.

d) East Hants Association of Town & Parish Councils

Next meeting on 10th June 2015.

e) Headley Down Community Association.

Last meeting was cancelled

f) Headley Sports Association

Last meeting was cancelled

g) Public Transport Representative                                

No meetings have taken place

h) Village Hall Management Committee

Last meeting was cancelled

i) Community Forum

Next round of meetings start in June

j) Whitehill Bordon Development

No meetings have taken place

k) Headley Twinning Association

The Chairman reported on her recent visit to Corné with the Twinning Association which had successfully opened the links between the two Councils. The Committee are due to meet. The Chairman would like the Council to consider being formally involved in the return visit to Headley in May 2016.  




The Clerk confirmed that Councillor Luff had not reported any issues following a visit to the site earlier today.


There being no further business the meeting closed at 9.16pm.