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Minutes of the Full Council Meeting held on Monday 10th June 2019 at 8.00pm in the

Parish Office, Arford Road, Headley.


Cllr Deborah Chamberlain (Chairman)

Cllr Malcolm Roffe

Cllr Anthony Williams (Vice-Chairman)

Cllr Rita Stubbings

Cllr Andrew Luff

Cllr Paul Tansley



Also, in attendance: Councillor Floss Mitchell, Ruth Worswick and Virginia Evers and Katie Knowles, Clerk & Executive Officer



The Chairman welcomed our visitors to the meeting.




There were no matters raised.









Apologies were received and approved from Cllrs Christine Philp, Peter Ellens and Jim Wood.









Cllr Luff declared a non-pecuniary interest in item 11g (minute reference CO40/19 g.). He did not participate in the discussion or decision concerning this matter.









The minutes of the previous meeting held on 20th May 2019, previously circulated, were approved as a correct record.








a)     Council received the Minutes of the Planning Committee held on 13th May 2019.










The Chairman reported:

·       Formally congratulated Anthony Williams who has served on the Parish Council for 40 years.  He was awarded an inscribed glass trophy that recognised his dedication and long service to the Parish Council.

·       The Planning meeting in August will take place on Monday 5th August. A revised schedule has been circulated.

·       The Bank holiday in May 2020 is being moved to the Friday to mark VE day.

·       Arrangements have been made to remove the vandalised noticeboard on Standford Green. There are no plans to replace it at present. The bollards at the vehicle entrance are being replaced and additional bollards installed to help secure the land from illegal encampments.

·       An application for s106 funding is being prepared to replace the wrought iron finger post in the High Street that had been vandalised on two separate occasions.

·       First Headley Scouts are applying to EHDC for funding to extend their storage facilities at the scout centre in Headley and Parish Council support is required. The Parish Council had already supported a planning application and has committed a grant of £700 in support of this project. The Clerk will confirm the Parish Council’s support in writing.

·       Headey Twinning Association’s return visit to Corné has taken place. 32 people visited France.  

·       She had visited the Holme School over the Open Gardens weekend and she reported that the School is seeking help listening to children read and just talking to them. There has been some significant works carried out to their grounds. Ruth Worswick reported that the school is seeking funding from EHDC for further improvements and requires Parish Council support.

·       The new landlord of The Crown has made contact with local businesses and organisations with regards to their planned opening in July and reference was made to their new meeting and function room.

·       Congratulations to Paul Tansley and his fiancée Carol who are getting married in June.








There are no applications to consider at this stage. There has been a good level of interest.







a)     Cllr Floss Mitchell’s report was circulated in advance of the meeting. Cllr Mitchell highlighted the County Council’s launch of a consultation asking for residents’ views on ways to balance the budget for 2021/22.  There is an anticipated budget shortfall of £80 million. Bus subsidies are still under threat. Individuals and the Parish Council are urged to respond to the consultation. 



b)     There were no new Highway Orders to report. 









Councillor Williams reported:

       i.         Headley Down Nature Reserve Trust’s celebration of Camp Erie on 9th June was well attended.  A commemorative plaque was unveiled. Attendees included representatives of the Canadian High Commission in London and the Canadian Military Engineers. Members expressed their gratitude to Angela Jackson who has been instrumental in the development of the Nature Reserve and the continued success of its events.

     ii.         EHDC has appointed Nicola Clements as the new Manager at Woodlands Hall.









a)     Members received the minutes of Headley Sports Association Management Committee held on 9th May 2019.



b)     Members received details of the unspecified developers’ contributions in the Parish and Whitehill & Bordon. The Clerk advised Members that the Trustees of Headley Down Nature Reserve intend to apply for Parish S106 funds for works associated with land they intend to purchase, details of which have been previously discussed by the Council.  Parish Council support is required. Details of the project will be presented to the July Council meeting for consideration.


Members RESOLVED to:

                         i.         Submit an expression of interest for Whitehill & Bordon developers’ contributions for the refurbishment of the Sports Pavilion (in excess of £50,000 category).

                       ii.         Apply for Parish unspecified developers’ contributions to fund the replacement the damaged finger post in the High Street.









a)     It was RESOLVED the draft income and expenditure report for the period from 1st April 2018 to 31st May 2019 is received and noted, attached herewith. Members requested   budget heading 4164 is changed to ‘Headley Woods’.



b)     It was RESOLVED that a list of payments made during May 2019 which had been previously distributed, were approved and signed by the Chairman.



c)     Members received and noted the bank statements, corresponding bank reconciliation and trial balance at 30th April 2019.  Cllr Williams confirmed he had checked the bank reconciliation against the original bank statements held in the office and that all was correct.



d)     Members approved the Financial Statements for the year ended 31st March 2019.  It was noted the purchase of office equipment should not be coded to a salary budget heading.  



e)     Members approved the movement of £17,495 between earmarked funds and general reserves.



f)      Members considered the renewal of HALC’s HR Consultancy Service 2019/20. The Clerk advised Members that she had some concerns about the quality of the service. The Clerk was asked to look at alternative provision of HR advice to Parish Councils including the SLCC which the Council is a member, The Clerk was asked to report back.



g)     Members considered quotations received for tree safety works at Headley Woods, Beech Hill. The Clerk informed Members of the work in the specification that the quotes are based upon. As there was a considerable difference between the two quotes received, it was suggested a third quote should be obtained. Due to timescales, Members RESOLVED that the Clerk seek confirmation from the contractor that submitted the lower price that it was correct and includes all works in the specification. The Clerk was asked to report back to Councillors.









a)     Members reviewed the Council’s Complaints Policy. The Chairman proposed that an additional section is added for dealing with vexatious complaints and abusive communications. The Chair circulated proposed wording which was approved by Members. Members RESOLVED that subject to the addition of this new section, the Council’s Complaints Policy was approved and formally adopted.



b)     Members reviewed the Council’s Data Protection & GDPR Policy. Members RESOLVED that subject to an additional bullet point stating that Councillors are responsible for ensuring confidential Council information is shredded, and that Councillors now had specific Headley Parish email addresses for Council business, that the Data Protection & GDPR Policy was approved and formally adopted.



c)     Members reviewed the Council’s Playground Inspections & Maintenance Policy. Members RESOLVED to approve the Policy and it was formally adopted.









There were no reports.




There being no further business the meeting closed at 9.28pm






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