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Minutes of the Full Council Meeting held on Monday 9th July 2018 at 8.00pm in the

Parish Office, Arford Road, Headley.


Cllr Dennis Tregay (Chairman)

Cllr Paul Tansley

Cllr Deborah Chamberlain (Vice Chairman)

Cllr Jim Wood

Cllr Andrew Luff

Cllr Malcolm Roffe

Cllr Peter Ellens

Cllr Anthony Williams

Cllr Rita Stubbings




Also, in attendance: Katie Knowles, Clerk & Executive Officer, County Councillor Floss Mitchell, Mr Sherburn-Hall and two residents of Arford Common.




1.     Cllr Chamberlain asked the Clerk for clarification of the mandate of Arford Common’s Conservation Steering Committee.  The Clerk explained that the Steering Committee reports to the Amenities & Recreation (A&R) Committee. Both meetings meet on the same evening. The Warden (Cllr Wood), who sits on both meetings, reports direct to A&R on the Steering Group’s discussions and recommendations. The clerk further explained, where A&R has not met (March 2018) there was no report and/or committee approval for proposed works. The Clerk advised that in future in this scenario, the work of the Steering Group and any recommendations will be reported to Full Council instead.

2.     The Chairman reported that a quotation had been received to resolve the recurring blocked drains at the Sports Pavilion. As there are no meetings until September the Chairman and Vice Chairman will review and approve quotes together with the Clerk up to a limit of £2,000.  

3.     Two residents of Arford Common raised several concerns about the work of the Steering Group on Arford Common, outside the objectives in the Management Plan and the process by which the Steering Group report to a Committee or Full Council. Their concerns and requests were:

·       The installation of the wildlife pond is not in the Management Plan, is unsightly and has introduced plastic (liner) to Arford Common. Residents were not consulted.

·       The Steering Group should follow the Management Plan developed by professionals.

·       There is written confirmation that the Parish Council will follow the management plan.

·       Assurance that all actions/recommendations of the steering committee are reported to Committee and where it does not meet, Full Council.

·       The designated footpaths are revisited.

The Chairman thanked the residents for their contribution and confirmed that they would receive a written response to the issues they have raised.






Apologies were received and approved from Cllrs John Burton and Christine Philp.









There were no declarations.









The Minutes of Council meeting held on 11th June 2018, having been previously circulated were approved as a correct record and signed by the Chairman.








a.     Council ratified the Minutes of the Planning Committee held on 6th May 2018.

b.     Council ratified the Minutes of the Amenities & Recreation Committee held on 21st May 2018.

c.      The Minutes of the Finance & Policy Committee held on 25th June 2018 were not circulated prior to the meeting. The Clerk had circulated the policies considered and put forward by the Committee to Council for ratification. Members agreed to ratify the following Policies:

·       Data Protection and GDPR Policy 2018

·       Data Retention and Erasure Policy 2018

·       Whistle Blowing Policy 2018

·       Playground Inspection and Maintenance Policy 2018

·       Headley Parish Council’s Standing Orders revision 2018










Members considered the co-option of Roger Sherburn-Hall who put himself forward to fill the Council’s vacancy. Mr Sherburn-Hall circulated a report outlining his working career and his voluntary work. Councillors were given an opportunity to ask questions after which Mr Sherburn-Hall was to step outside of the meeting room. Councillor Floss Mitchell also left the meeting room. Councillors unanimously RESOLVED to co-opt Roger Sherburn-Hall to the Parish Council. Mr Sherburn-Hall and Cllr Mitchell were invited to return to the meeting and the Chairman advised Roger of the Council’s decision. He signed the declaration of acceptance of office.









a.     Councillor Floss Mitchell circulated her report to Councillors prior to the meeting. She highlighted:

·       The launch of an anti-fly-tipping campaign on Monday 25th June, which sees the County joining forces with the Police, the Districts and Borough Councils across the County, the Southampton and Portsmouth City Councils, the Environment Agency, and rural associations. The aim of the campaign is to help everyone understand they have a part to play by checking that any individual or company employed to take away waste from homes or businesses is legally registered to do so.

·       Hampshire County Council is inviting local Whitehill and Bordon residents and businesses to see proposals designed to improve how people can travel around the town once the new relief road is open. The initial plans and proposals will be on display on:

Friday 13th July 2018 between 1pm and 7pm at the Forest Centre

Saturday 14th July 2018 between 10am and 1pm at the Mustangs, Budds Lane

Monday 16th July 2018 between 1pm and 5pm at the Forest Centre

The Chairman thanked Cllr Mitchell for her report.  






b.     Members received and noted the County Councils public consultation on street lighting, supported passenger transport services and the concessionary travel scheme.

The eight-week consultation will seek views on options for applying budget reductions to subsidies for public transport and street lighting. It was RESOLVED that the Council would formulate a response. The 18 Bus service is subsidised and the only service that serves the Parish, it is therefore vital for residents. Councillor Williams and the Clerk were asked to draft a response to the questionnaire and/or letter.



Cllr W &



c.      There were no Highway Orders to report. 









The Chairman reported:

·       The Whitehill Bordon public exhibition dates (highlighted in Cllr Mitchell’s report CO43/18) regarding proposals designed to improve how people can travel around the town once the new relief road is open.

·       He would be attending the Awards Ceremony at Mill Chase School on 18th July. The Council sponsors an award.









Councillor Williams reported that

·       Two planning committee meetings in succession had been cancelled as there were no applications to consider, very few going to Committee currently. 

·       Cllr Williams will be attending a ceremony to mark the start of the building of the new Secondary School in Bordon.   

·       A licence application has been submitted to sell alcohol at Beech Hill Garage, Headley Down. The garage was previously granted a licence but this is held by the previous owner.  Consequently, the new owner is required to apply for a licence.  









a)     It was RESOLVED that the income and expenditure report for the period from 1st April 2018 to 30th June 2018 was received and approved.  



b)     It was RESOLVED that a list of payments made during June 2018 which had been previously distributed, are approved and signed by the Chairman.



c)     Members received and noted the bank statements, corresponding bank reconciliation and trial balance at 31st May 2018.  Cllr Williams confirmed he had checked and signed the original bank statements.



d)     Members considered two quotations to have the War Memorial cleaned. Cllr Chamberlain proposed that the quotation from Independent War Memorial Inspection is accepted which was seconded by Cllr Luff. It was RESOLVED to appoint Independent War Memorial Inspection.











a)     Members considered a request from the Arford Common Track Maintenance Fund Committee to store two 5 ton piles of scalping’s on Arford Common for track maintenance.  The Clerk provided some additional information about the ‘Committee’ and its membership. Councillors expressed concern at the aesthetic impact of a large volume of scalpings on Arford Common and whether it might lead to further fly tipping of builder materials in the vicinity. There has been recent incidence of fly tipping which has been removed by the volunteers. The period the scalpings would be left at the two locations was not specified. It was suggested it could be time limited. Further concern was expressed that unless the scalpings were compacted, loose scalping would not be effective. At the end of the discussion two proposals were put forward and voted on.

                        I.         That permission is granted but is subject to a time limit (4 votes)

                       II.         That permission is not granted for the reasons stated above (5 votes)

Councillors voted by show of hands.  Proposal II. was carried by one additional vote. It was RESOLVED not to grant permission to site scalpings on Arford Common.   






b)     Members received the letter from the West of Grayshott Conservation Group. A proposal to set up a working group to consider the Parish Council’s views on existing gaps and settlement boundaries was ratified. The Clerk was asked to respond to the letter to this effect.




c)     The membership of the working group (see b) was confirmed as Councillors Tregay, Ellens, Burton and Wood.



d)     Members considered the Council’s stall at the Village Fete on Saturday 15th September. It was agreed to showcase the Parish Council and what it does, volunteering and seeking views on effective communication tools. Several proposals were put forward to bring residents to the stall including a sail flag. The Clerk highlighted marketing advice would be helpful on how to present the information.




e)     Members considered the Clerk’s email report on the reliability of the SLR and plans to replace and upgrade.  Members RESOLVED that the Clerk apply for grants for the Council’s share of the replacement SLR.




There being no further business the meeting closed at 9.35pm