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Minutes of the virtual Full Council Meeting held on Monday 13 July 2020 at 7.30pm via Zoom.


Cllr Deborah Chamberlain (Chairman)

Cllr Paul Tansley

Cllr Anthony Williams (Vice-Chairman)

Cllr Lesley Coombes

Cllr Virginia Evers

Cllr Tony Williamson

Cllr Jim Wood

Cllr Peter Ellens



Also, in attendance:   County Councillor Floss Mitchell and Assistant Clerk Jo Littletree






Apologies were received and accepted from Cllr Malcolm Roffe and due to technology issues, also Cllr Rita Stubbings and Cllr Andrew Luff.









There were no declarations of interest.

It was noted that Cllr Peter Ellens and Cllr Tony Williamson joined the meeting at this point after resolving technical issues and they confirmed they had no declarations of interest.









The minutes of the previous meeting held on 8th June 2020, previously circulated, were approved as a correct record, signed by the Chairman and retained for filing later.








a)     Council received the Minutes of the virtual Planning Committee held on 1st June 2020, previously circulated.




b)     Council received the Minutes of the virtual Policy & Finance Committee held on 29th June 2020, previously circulated.







The Chairman reported:

·       Following a site visit to the boundary between Arford Common and 15 & 17 Kay Crescent, it was agreed that no works, with the exception of removing a small truncated beech branch, would be necessary.

·       Contact had been made with British Telecom regarding their responsibility for ongoing treatment of Japanese Knotweed on their property adjoining Arford Common. The maintenance department advised they would report back once a contractor had viewed the site.

·       An incident at the Village Green Playground on Friday 10 July. The Chairman had been called out by a member of the public as a group of adults and a child had accessed the playground through the gate where tape closing it had been cut. Cllr Chamberlain visited the site and explained the reasoning for the playground remaining closed for the time being.  Proposals for opening the Parish play equipment would be discussed under item 10 - Sport and Open Spaces.

·       A notice had been put up on the junction with Beech Hill Road and the Arford Common Triangle advising works would be undertaken on a section of overgrown hedge on Beech Hill Road bordering the Common. The same notice had been put through neighbours doors.







a)     Cllr Floss Mitchell’s written report had been previously circulated.

HCC’s relatively stable financial position and strong reserves meant that it had been

able to respond positively to the pandemic so far, but it continued to remind central Government of the impact of reduced income and additional expenditure.

An improved booking system had been introduced for Household Waste Recycling Centres and Cllr Mitchell asked for feedback on how this was working.

She also reported that recent traffic issues at Frensham Ponds, due to the massive influx of visitors, had resulted in cross-boundary working groups and task forces being established to find solutions.



b)     Highway Orders: Resurfacing works to Crabtree Gardens were noted.   









Cllr Williams reported:

The number of EHDC meetings was increasing, although there had not been a Full Council meeting yet.  They were all virtual, via Skype for Business. Nearly all officers were working from home and site visits were not being carried out.  Officers had been very active servicing the Government grant schemes.  EHDC’s budget update highlighted reduced income and some reduced expenditure.











a)       It was RESOLVED to approve the income and expenditure report for the period from 1 April 2020 to 30 June 2020, attached herewith. It was noted that in future reports A&R will be reported as OS&S (Open Space & Sport).



b)       It was RESOLVED that a list of payments made during June 2020, which had been previously distributed, were approved and signed by the Chairman.



c)        Members received and approved the bank statements, corresponding bank reconciliation and trial balance as at 31 May 2020.  



d)       It was RESOLVED to approve the recommendation from Policy & Finance Committee for continued investment in the CCLA (Churches, Charities & Local Authorities) fund platform for the current financial year.

e)       The increase in NALC (National Association of Local Councils) affiliation fees, effective April 2021, from 6.99p to 7.42p per elector was noted.









a)       Members RESOLVED that the press and public be excluded from the meeting for this item of business on the grounds that it involved the likely disclosure of sensitive information about employees, as defined in Paragraph1 of Part 1 of Schedule 12A to the Act.  Members RESOLVED to offer the post of Clerk & Executive Officer to the preferred candidate, with a start date of 27 July 2020.  Members also RESOLVED to approve the proposal that evening meetings should start no later than 7.30pm.

b)       Members RESOLVED to accept the revised Terms of Reference for the Finance & Policy Committee with the following amendment to the membership paragraph “..quorate.  In the event that one sitting member is unable to attend, another councillor will be invited to attend.”

c)        Members accepted the updated Parish Office Covid-19 Risk Assessment and progress on office re-opening and agreed that members of staff should not be required to work in the office until they are comfortable doing so.

d)       Quality Council Accreditation Scheme. Members noted that the council has been granted an extension until the end of 2020 to apply for reaccreditation.





































a)       Members RESOLVED to accept the existing quote for treatment of bamboo at Headley Hill Woods (in the absence of a second free of charge quotation being available) subject to this being allowed under Standing Orders.  The new Clerk & Executive Officer to progress the matter.

b)       Members agreed in principle to allow a plaque in memory of The Robin Hood pub at Standford Green, provided the Parish Council is consulted on the details and location.

c)        The Assistant Clerk advised that the postponed Annual Playground Inspections were scheduled to be carried out at the end of July/beginning of August. Coronavirus Risk Assessments would be prepared for each play area.  Members RESOLVED that playgrounds could re-open on completion of any repairs arising out of the inspections and subject to displaying properly manufactured and secured guideline signs at all entry points.  Regular monthly inspections would then resume.

d)       Members received a verbal report from the Headley Parish Decoration Working Group.  All proposed activities had been delayed by Covid-19.  Members RESOLVED that additional Christmas lights would be purchased and installed on the chestnut tree in the centre of Headley village.  Additionally, a power supply and lights would be installed for one large tree on the Village Green near the Village Hall with both sites ready for illumination by December 2020.  

e)       The Approval of the Community Asset registration for The Holly Bush, High Street, Headley was received.  It was noted that Community Asset registrations only last for five years.



Cllr Williamson presented the consultation and members agreed to a summary response via email.



a)       Members RESOLVED to accept the Council’s Data Retention & Erasure Policy subject to the agreed amendments.

b)      Members RESOLVED to accept the Council’s Equalities & Diversity Policy subject to amended dates.

c)       Members agreed that the Investment Strategy requires further review and will be brought back to the next Full Council meeting in September.



There were no reports.






There being no further business the meeting closed at 9.55pm