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Minutes of the Meeting of the FULL COUNCIL held on Monday 19 October 2009 at 8.00pm in the Village Hall, Arford Road, Headley.


Present:           Cllr R Clifford (Chairman), Cllr A Williams (Vice-Chairman),Cllr C Burns,

Cllr D Chamberlain, Cllr J Grevatt, Cllr R Hall, Cllr G Hopwood, Cllr A Luff, Cllr D Parfect, Cllr D Tregay 



Also Present:  Mrs L Farley (Parish Clerk), Cllr S James (HCC).



Apologies for absence were received from Cllrs Stubbings and Truelove.



Cllr Grevatt declared a personal interest in C88/09 as he was a member of the Cricket Club.

Cllr Hopwood declared a personal interest in C88/09 as a family member worked for the Headley Down Community Association.

Cllr Luff declared a personal interest in C88/09 as a family member worked for the Headley Down Community Association.

Cllr Clifford declared a personal interest in C88/09 as his neighbour was a member of the King George V Playing Field Committee.



            RESOLVED that the Minutes of Full Council held on 21 September 2009, having been circulated prior to this meeting, were confirmed and signed as a correct record with the following amendment: Cllr D Parfect added to ‘those present’



a.    The Council received the Minutes of Amenities and Recreation Committee meeting held on 14 September 2009.

b.  The Council received the Minutes of the Planning Committee held on 7 September and 5 October 2009.



The Chairman reported :

·         He would be attending the Remembrance Day service at All Saints Church on Sunday 8 November where he would lay a wreath on behalf of the Parish Council.

·         A message of appreciation had been received from the Cricket Club for the reimbursement of £50 they had received from the Parish Council for an additional mowing of the outfield.



a.     There were no Highway Orders to note.

b.    Cllr James reported that a HAT Highway meeting had been arranged for 2 December 2009 and would be chaired by Cllr M Kendal in Ashburton Hall, Winchester.  He also reported that he would be attending a members briefing on 2 November 2009 of the Local Transport Plan 3, concerned with strategic transport issues in Hampshire.  He invited Members to email any items they wished him to raise regarding local issues.  He agreed to raise the potential impact of the A3 tunnel on the Headley Parish and would ask Paul Arnold to come to speak to members about this.



Cllr Williams reported that the Whitehill Bordon Opportunity consultancy was coming to an end and a report would be published for public comment in November.  Parish Councils would be briefed separately.  He also reported that Cllr Ferris Cowper had resigned as leader of the District Council.



a.                       RESOLVED that the Full Council income and expenditure report for the period 1 April 2009 to 30 September 2009 be received and signed as approved and is attached herewith.  Members requested that detail of items 1101 and 4047 be emailed to them.

b.                       RESOLVED that a list of payments made during September 2009, which had been previously distributed, be approved and signed and is attached herewith.

c.         Members received and approve bank statements and the corresponding bank reconciliation for August 2009.

d.                      RESOLVED to provide photocopying services to the Headley Fun Run 2010, up to a maximum of 600 copies.

e.         Members considered items to be included in the draft budget for Council and A&R for 2010 – 2011 and it was

              RESOLVED to add:

7 Grit bins                                     £1000.00

War Memorial                               £2000.00

Legal Fees – Sports Field             £1000.00

Legal Fees – New Office Lease     £500.00

Legal Fees – Arford Common        £500.00



Cllr Clifford reported on several items discussed at the recent Forum, all of which would be available in minutes once they were published.  He also stated that clarity was required on the purpose of these meetings as it was unclear if it was aimed primarily at Councillors or Clerks.  The Clerk would investigate.



The annual grant applications were considered (a report having been previously distributed) and allocations provisionally agreed for inclusion in the 2010 – 2011 budget are as follows

Headley Parochial Church Council                 £1200.00

King George V Playing Field Committee         £375.00

Headley Down Community Association        £2000.00

The Phoenix Theatre and Arts Centre               £600.00

Relate Basingstoke and District                        £250.00

Victim Support                                                  £100.00

Headley Bowling Club                                      £250.00

Headley Village Fete Committee                      £100.00

River Wey Trust                                                £400.00

Vitalise                                                              £125.00

Mill Chase School                                               £60.00

CAB (insert new name)                                   £2750.00

Contingency                                                      £500.00

Total                                                                £8710.00


With regard to the Headley Cricket Club application, Members asked the Clerk to request more detail of where other funding would be sought and how much they would be contributing themselves.  Members also asked the Clerk to find out if this project was eligible for Developers’ Contributions.

It was AGREED that these amounts, and the Cricket Club application, providing further detail had been received, would be reconsidered at the 16 November 2009 Full Council Meeting within the context of the overall budget.



(Cllrs Tregay, Grevatt, Hall and invited representatives)

Cllr Tregay reported that he had researched various Village Design Statements and both he and Cllr Hall had come to the conclusion that the Local Plan covers all protection issues and that the Headley Parish is unusual in that it has no tight village centre.  After consideration it was

                    RESOLVED not to continue with a Village Design Statement.



(Cllrs Hall, Clifford, Williams, Hopwood and Mr Eamey)

Cllr Hall reported that he and the Clerk had met with Grayshott and Kinglsey Parish representatives to discuss the planned Speed Limit Reminder Sign (SLR).  Notes from this meeting would be presented to the next Full Council meeting in November. 

The temporary SLR on Beech Hill had triggered 6800 times in one week, showing that 90% of traffic was speeding.  No figures were available yet from the SLR on Long Cross Hill.



a.       Cllr Chamberlain reported that she had attended the 62nd AGM on Saturday 10 October 2009 where the main subject discussed had been the Village 30 Programme.  Headley Parish Council came second in a competition for the best newsletter.  The main subject next year was expected to be the elderly.

b.      The Chairman reported that he had attended the Calor Village of the Year for Hampshire presentation along with representatives from the Headley Society and Allison Smith, the Head Teacher of the Holme Primary School.  They had been presented with an iron plaque, a brass plaque and a framed certificate.  He also reported that HALC were hoping to continue with this annual competition and were looking for £500 to enable them to do this.

c.       RESOLVED to consult with the Headley Society regarding the use of the £350 cheque received for winning the Calor Village of the Year Hampshire competition.

d.      RESOLVED to suggest to the Headley Society that the brass plaque be mounted in the Village Hall close to the previous one, the iron plaque be mounted at Whittles Store and the framed certificate to be hung in the Church Centre.


C092/09  HEADLEY REPORT 2010

a.       Members agreed that the format for the Headley Report 2010/11 should remain as before but to add photographs of Council Members.

b.      Members AGREED to the proposed schedule for the production of the Headley Report 2010/11.

c.                           RESOLVED to increase the advertising cost for the Headley Report by 5%.



Members received correspondence from the Headley Society regarding the adoption of the red telephone box adjacent to the Holly Bush Inn and after consideration it was

            RESOLVED to decline the offer from BT to adopt the telephone box.


RESOLVED to continue past 10pm



a.       Members noted that the deadline for the Winter Newsletter was 17 November and copy would have to be approved at the November Full Council meeting on 16 November 2009.

b.      Members received and APPROVED the updated Risk Assessment for 2009/2010 which had been previously distributed but requested that an annual tree survey be added and that the items ‘Computer Protection’ and ‘Electronic virus’ be amalgamated.

c.                         RESOLVED to reschedule meetings in January 2010 one week later, making Planning on 11 January, A&R on 18 January and Full Council on 25 January.

d.                        RESOLVED to amend Standing Orders to permit Planning Addendums to be sent by email.


C095/09  TREES

                      RESOLVED to nominate the following 3 trees to be entered in EHDC’s call for ‘East Hants Favourite Trees’:

1.    The Chestnut tree opposite the Holly Bush Inn

2.    The Chestnut tree in Honeysuckle Lane

3.    The Oak tree in front of the Square House on the Village Green

Mr John Gamble had kindly offered to photograph the trees.



Cllr Luff reported that he had found no evidence that the track was being used for vehicular access across Standford Land and he would continue to monitor the area.



Headley Down Community Assoc.

Cllr Hopwood reported that the grass had begun to grow on the new football pitches at Heatherlands.

Headley Sports Association

Cllr Grevatt reported that the October meeting had been cancelled but that he intended to bring up the proliferation of signs at the entrance to the sports fields at the November meeting.



There being no further business the meeting closed at 10.22pm.