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Minutes of the meeting of FULL COUNCIL held on Monday 13th December 2004 at 8.00pm in the Parish Office, Arford Road, Headley.

* Cllr  J Grevatt – Chairman      * Cllr  J Hadfield  
* Cllr A Williams – Vice-Chairman       *Cllr G Hopwood
* Cllr C Burns        * Cllr A Luff
* Cllr D Chamberlain   a Cllr R Stubbings
* Cllr R Clifford     * Cllr Truelove
Cllr E Farmer * Cllr  D Tregay
* Mrs K Shipton (Parish Clerk)   

* denotes present     a denotes apologies received.

Also present Maj.Gen Sinnatt and a representative from the Bordon Herald.     


Apologies were received from Cllr Stubbings.


Cllr Truelove declared an interest in all matters relating to the Village Hall and took no part in the decision-making. No other Members declared any personal or prejudicial interest in any item on the agenda. 


The Minutes of the following meeting, having been circulated prior to the        meeting, were confirmed and signed.

Full Council held on 8th November 2004

Confidential Staff Sub-Committee held on 29th November 2004 


               The Council ratified the Minutes of the following committees:

Planning held on 1st November 2004

Amenities held on 20th September 2004


   Reports from Council Representatives.

  Three Parishes Fund. No report.                    Mrs Rix/Mrs Wilson

   East Hants Association of Town & Parish Council          Cllr A Luff

·        Cllr Luff was unable to attend the recent meeting and asked that another Councillor be appointed as representative. Next Council agenda.

               Village Hall Management Committee                     Cllr J Hadfield

·        Cllr Truelove outlined the Committee’s forward plans. Estimates have been received for drains/guttering work @ £2,500 and the redecoration of the entrance foyer @ £6,000, work to begin in the New Year with the costs being met from their Reserves. The Oak tree in front of the hall will be felled due to disease and danger.

               Headley Down Community Association                             Cllr D Tregay

·         Cllr Tregay said that Woodlands play area was officially opened and Miranda Milward, Manager has been appointed successor to Sarah Moss.

   Headley Sports Association                                       Cllrs Clifford & Grevatt

·        Following the signing of the New Agreements at last Council Meeting the Chairman of each Sports Club has also signed the same Agreement. Thanks were expressed to Cllr Clifford for persevering with the task, which now concluded the matter.

               Whitehill & Bordon CAB                                                       Cllr A Luff

·        Cllr Luff was unable to attend the recent meeting and asked that another Councillor be appointed as representative. Next Council agenda. He reported that the CAB had been concerned about finances and recently EHDC have assisted financially.

               Public Transport Co-ordinator                                                Cllr G Hopwood

·        Cllr Hopwood attended the meeting of EHDC Transport Forum where the following issues were discussed; Safe Routes to School, No.18 bus secure until July 2005 and traffic outside Holme School.

               Mill Chase Community School Governing Body         

             -Community Committee                                                           Cllr D Tregay

·        Cllr Tregay said that he attended the recent Awards evening. It was hoped that a successful bid would enable the technology equipment to be updated. The future of the committee will be discussed as to its purpose and role within the community.

River Wey Trust                                                            Maj Gen Sinnatt

·        Maj Gen Sinnatt provided a written report, which is attached to the file copy of the Minutes. He said that the Trust is anxious to restore the Aqueduct and will be applying to SITA for funding.

               Standford/Passfield/Hollywater Association.  No report.   Mrs Little

               Grayshott Heathland Trust.                        Cllr R Clifford/Mr Vincer

·        Nothing to report. It was agreed that a letter be sent to EHDC Solicitor regarding progress to date on the legal land issues.

   Fullers Vale Wildlife Pond Committee.     No report. Cllr R Stubbings

Maj.Gen Sinnatt left the meeting at this point 8.30pm.

C111/04  GRANT APPLICATIONS 2005 / 2006

The provisional grants were agreed as detailed in Minute C97/04 with an amendment to CAB from £1,500 to £2,000, for inclusion in the 2005 / 2006 budget. Total grant funding for 2005/06 £8480.

It was agreed to discuss the Grant process and criteria at the January Council Meeting.


a.      Resolved that the Financial Summary for the period 1st April 2004 to 30th November 2004 be agreed and signed. A list of cheques drawn during that period was agreed and signed, and was available at the meeting for members’ perusal.

b.      Members received the Budget Comparison for the period 1st April 2004 to 30th November 2004.

C113/04  BUDGET 2005 / 2006

a.       The Council considered the Budget requirement for the Financial Year 2005/06. Resolved and unanimously agreed to Recommend to Council on 10th January 2004 a provisional Budget of £ 52,830

b.      The Council considered any Capital/Future Projects 2005/06 requirements for Recommendation to Council Precept Meeting to be held on 10th January 2005.  Resolved and unanimously agreed to recommend to Council on 10th January 2004 a provisional Budget of £ 3,500 (as agreed at Amenities 15th November 2004).

c.       The Council confirmed the total committed Grant Funding as provisionally agreed at the Council meeting held on 10th November 2004.

Resolved and unanimously agreed to Recommend to Council on 10th January 2004 a Grant Budget of £ 8,480 for inclusion in the Budget 2005/06

d.      The Council confirmed the Amenities Budget Recommendations from 15th November 2004.

Resolved and unanimously agreed to Recommend to Council on 10th January 2004 a provisional Amenities Budget of £ 18,620.

e.       The Council reviewed the overall budget and provisionally agreed a Precept.

Resolved to Recommend to Council on 10th January 2004 a provisional Precept of £ 75,000.00


Cllr Williams said that a response has been received from Zurich regarding additional insurance and Public Liability. He confirmed the cost of insuring £25,000 play equipment would be £ 450 Minute no. C99/04 (a) refers. It was agreed that Cllr Williams discuss with HSA the option of insuring with Zurich at a beneficial cost. He requested that the Insurance Sub-Committee Members meet Tuesday 4th January 2005 at 7.30pm prior to the Planning Meeting. He anticipated that the Insurance Review final Report would be presented and subsequently completed at the January Council Meeting.


The Chairman said that the next Steering Committee would be held on 12th January 2004 when Guy Riddoch would attend from EHDC. Cllr Burns said that she would be begin work on the Village Design Statement with the existing working party members comprising of Mr L Yates and Cllr A Williams and to co-opt others on an ad-hoc basis. She asked that a request for a volunteer with the ability to draw be included in the January Newsletter.


The Chairman reported that to date no update has been received concerning the Licensing Act 2003.


a.       The Chairman informed the Members that Hampshire CC have written to the Deadwater Valley Trust in connection with Eveley Wood and the matter was proceeding.

b.      Cllr Williams reported on Hampshire CC plans to undertake junction improvements in the interest of road safety on the A325 at Bucks Horn Oak. Following his attendance at the Public exhibition held 1st and 2nd December at the Forestry Commission Visitor Centre he said that the preferred option was an offline roundabout.

c.       The Chairman explained to Members the Hampshire CC Doorstep Crime Initiative: Warning and advice Network. It was agreed that information be included in the next newsletter. He informed Members of changes to Policing arrangements in this area.


The Chairman informed Members that an application for funding has been made to the Quality Parish Investment Fund.


Cllr Chamberlain said that the next Newsletter would be ready for the January     Council Meeting and be distributed by inserting into the Parish Magazine.

C120/04  HEADLEY REPORT 2004/05

a.       Cllr Chamberlain gave an update on the progress the Report 2004/05. She said that many local groups have been forwarding their reports in readiness for inclusion in the forthcoming edition.

b.      Members were reminded to enlist additional Volunteers for delivering the Report. It was agreed to make a public appeal for additional Volunteers through the next Newsletter January 2005 issue.


Members considered a Speaker for the Annual Parish Meeting. The Chairman said that CAB Bordon had written offering to make a brief presentation about the work of CAB. It was agreed to ask if CAB were available on 25 April 2005. Cllr Hadfield following his recent attendance at a Countryside Access Forum suggested that a member from Hampshire Countryside Service would make an interesting topic. It was agreed to speak with both the suggested parties and discuss at the January Council Meeting.


Cllr Luff requested that it be recorded that he had found no evidence to date   that the track was being used for vehicular access across Standford Land. He reported that he would continue to monitor the situation. 

There being no further business the meeting closed at 10.00pm