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Minutes of the Meeting of FULL COUNCIL held on Monday 12th December 2005 at 8.00pm in the Village Hall, Arford Road, Headley.


* Cllr J Grevatt, Chairman                                 * Cllr R Hall                            

* Cllr G Hopwood, Vice-Chairman                     * Cllr A Luff

* Cllr C Burns                                                   * Cllr R Stubbings

* Cllr D Chamberlain                                         * Cllr J Truelove

   Cllr R Clifford                                                * Cllr D Tregay 

* Cllr J Hadfield                                                * Cllr A Williams


* Mrs K Shipton (Parish Clerk)

* denotes present     a denotes apologies received.


Also present a representative from the Bordon Herald, Debbie Lockett.



No Apologies received.



Cllr Truelove declared an interest and left the room for C123/05 Village Hall. Cllrs Luff and Hopwood declared an interest and did not vote for C123/05 Woodlands. No other Members declared any personal or prejudicial interest in any item on the agenda.



The Minutes of the following meeting, having been circulated prior to the meeting, were confirmed and signed.

Full Council held on 14th November 2005



 The Council ratified the Minutes of the following committee:

Planning held on 7th November 2005

Amenities Held on 19th September 2005



The Chairman announced: that the Walking to Health – Christmas Walk would be on  Wed. 14 December at 10.30 – Mince pies & mulled wine. Office Christmas closure – Friday 23 December 2005 and will re-open Tuesday 3 January 2006. The NALC Report concerning proposals to reorganise Councils. A report from Hampshire Constabulary concerning possible amalgamation with local forces; members agreed that this be an agenda item for the next meeting.  A letter of support to be sent to our MP concerning Services and Council Tax issues. Royal Reception for the Queens 80th birthday, seeking members of the public of the same age as the Queen. Arford Common residents held a working party on Sunday 11 December. Members discussed the issues of the new cashpoint machine in the High Street, Council to write a letter of protest if exorbitant charges are made for withdrawals.



Reports from Council Representatives.


    East Hants Association of Town & Parish Council          Cllr D Tregay

·         Cllr Tregay said that he was unable to attend the last meeting due to attending a training seminar concerning SE Plan on the same day with Cllr Hall.

   Village Hall Management Committee                           Cllr J Hadfield

·         Cllr Truelove said that currently the Trustees are looking at changing from oil to gas due to safety issues, also investigating replacing the oak tree at the front and longer term considering a rear extension for a small meeting room.

               Headley Down Community Association                                   Cllr D Tregay

·          Cllr Tregay said that the new Chairman is Mr Cliff Hope and the new treasurer is Sarah Moss.

   Headley Sports Association                                                     Cllrs Clifford & Grevatt

·         All clubs are producing their insurance policies for confirmation purposes. The proposed changes in their Constitution are proceeding with the Charity Commission.

               Whitehill & Bordon CAB                                                        Cllr D Chamberlain

·         Cllr Chamberlain attended the meeting on 13 October, the report could not be found in the office and therefore will be circulated for the next meeting.   

                 Public Transport Co-ordinator                                                 Cllr G Hopwood

·         Cllr Hopwood said that there had been problems with the school bus as children had been running around the double decker bus.

               Mill Chase Community School Governing Body         

             -Community Committee                                                             Cllr D Tregay

·         No report.

  River Wey Trust                                                                     Cllr J Hadfield

·         Cllr Hadfield said that there were some new Trustees and discussion on improving education and fund raising events.

   Standford/Passfield/Hollywater Association.                Mrs Little

·         No report. 

               Grayshott Heathland Trust.                                         Cllr R Clifford/Mr Vincer

·         No report.

              Police Liaison                                                              Mr T Eamey

·         Mr Eamey circulated a written report, attached to Record Minutes.


C123/05   GRANT APPLICATIONS 2006-2007

The grants allocated at the last Council meeting were further discussed, agreed and total allocation confirmed of £8,022 for inclusion in the 2006 – 2007 budget. Attached to Record Minutes.



a.       Resolved that the Financial Summary for the period 1st April 2005 to 30th November 2005 be agreed and signed. A list of cheques drawn during that period was agreed and signed, and was available at the meeting for members’ perusal.


b.       Members received the Budget Comparison for the period 1st April 2005 to 30th November 2005.


C125/05   BUDGET 2006 / 2007

a.       The Council considered the Budget requirement for the Financial Year 2006/07. Resolved and unanimously agreed to Recommend to Council on 9th  January 2006 a provisional Budget of £ 53,193.00


b.       The Council considered any Capital/Future Projects 2006/07 requirements for Recommendation to Council Precept Meeting to be held on 10th January 2006Resolved and unanimously agreed to recommend to Council on 9th January 2006 a provisional Budget of £ 4,500 (as agreed at Amenities 21st November 2005).


c.       The Council confirmed the total committed Grant Funding as provisionally agreed at the Council held on 14th  November 2005.and subsequently amended at this meeting.

Resolved and unanimously agreed to Recommend to Council on 9th January 2005 a Grant Budget of £ 8,022 for inclusion in the Budget 2006/07


d.       The Council confirmed the Amenities Budget Recommendations from 21st  November 2005.

Resolved and unanimously agreed to Recommend to Council on 9th  January 2006 a provisional Amenities Budget of £ 19,720.00.


The Council reviewed the overall budget and provisionally agreed a Precept £ 77,000.00, to be confirmed by Council on 9th January 2005.



The Chairman said that no responses have been received from the circular letter sent to all stakeholders.  A presentation to be made to the EHDC Committee on 17th  January 2006.



Cllr Chamberlain gave a report following her attendance at EHDC Public Meeting Thursday 1st December at 7.30pm in Forest Community Centre “Whitehill/Bordon Opportunity – The Opportunity to Influence the Shape of your Town”.

The amount of land for release of land for housing etc will be dependant on the Armed Forces requirement. Key needs have been identified, image of the Town for businesses to be improved, two key areas are Chalet Hill and Forest Centre. It was noted that the A3 is a key part of the project.



a.       A325 Alice Holt Major Maintenance – Phase 3. Bucks Horn Oak to County Boundary at Holt Pound. Due to commence January 2006 for approx. 34 weeks.


b.       A325 Bucks Horn Oak – Junction Improvement Scheme. Due to commence January 2006 for approximately six months.


c.       Temporary Road Closure to carry out resurfacing works. Churt Road from its junction with Bacon Lane to County Boundary (Kitts Lane). From 3 Jan – 3 April (anticipated 5 days only)


d.       Letter received from HCC concerning the Claim for footpath from Footpath 28 to Village Green, Headley.

Resolved that Cllr Grevatt meet HCC to further discuss the application. 



No items.



Letters had been sent inviting, Police Community Special Constable PSCO Jim Leggat and Mrs Christine Melsom, IsItFair campaign, to consider being Speakers for the above Meeting to be held on Monday 24th April 2006. Responses awaited.



Cllr Chamberlain said that she has two articles, Allotments and Planning plus some announcements. A draft will be presented to the January meeting.     


C132/05   HEADLEY REPORT 2005

a.         Cllr Tregay gave an update on the progress the Report 2005/06.


b.         Members reviewed the Volunteers delivery list. It was noted that Mrs Hampshire will be contacting all volunteers to ascertain their availability to continue delivering. Cllr Chamberlain to liaise with the Beech Hill Road volunteer, Cllr Hadfield to liaise with Mr J Smith, Cllr Hall to undertake some deliveries from possibly Mrs Eatwell or Mrs Tupper.



Agenda Item deferred from November Meeting (Minute C115/05 refers).

Cllr Stubbings submitted a discussion paper, which had been circulated to all Councillors. The Clerk circulated a report detailing legal issues relating to this item.


a.         Committees / Terms of Reference.

i.           Should we continue to be Members of both Committees?

Resolved that all Members should be entitled to be members of both Committees. Status Quo.

ii.         Could the workload between Committees be adjusted eg. By transferring highways matters to planning?

Resolved not to alter the Committees remit. Status Quo.


Cllr Chamberlain suggested that to reduce the time spent at meetings all Councillors should adopt the disciple of politeness, stop interrupting one another and that all discussion and business be conducted through the Chair. All Councillors endorsed her views and further suggested that the Chairman should use a gavel.


iii.        Could we adopt any more of Cllr Clifford’s suggestions from his paper entitled

‘Planning Agenda’ (paper circulated with November agenda).

Noted that ‘important’ applications are dealt with first as members of the public are usually present. Reasons for commenting ‘objection’ should be given as good practice and justification. A Meeting has been arranged to meet with the Chief Planning Officer in January 2006.


b.         Sub-Committees & Working Parties / Terms of Reference

i.           Do we need so many?

All Sub-Committees, appointments etc are reviewed annually at the May meeting.


ii.         The Clerk needs to attend Sub-Committees, but need she attend working party meetings?

Clerk to attend Sub-Committees.


c.         Complaints Procedure

We may need to remind members of the public that, if they have any complaints, not only about highway matters (Minute A08/05 of 16th May 2005 refers) but also about services provided by other bodies, they should complain direct and copy the parish office. The office can then review progress at intervals. 

The Clerk circulated a procedure memo for Councillors use. Attached to Record Minutes.



Cllr Luff requested that it be recorded that he had found no evidence to date that the track was being used for vehicular access across Standford Land. He reported that he would continue to monitor the situation.


There being no further business the meeting closed at 9.55pm.