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MINUTES of a meeting of the PLANNING COMMITTEE held on Monday 4th March 2018 at 8.00 p.m. in the Parish Office, Arford Road, Headley


Present:                      Cllr J Wood (Chairman), Cllr D Chamberlain (Vice Chairman), Cllr J Burton,

Cllr A Luff, Cllr C Philp, Cllr M Roffe, Cllr R Stubbings, Cllr P Tansley, Cllr D Tregay,

Cllr A Williams


Also in attendance:    Mrs T Hampshire (Assistant Clerk)






No apologies were received.


P90/18.           MINUTES

                        The minutes of the meeting held on 4th February 2019 were CONFIRMED as a correct record and SIGNED.



Members were reminded of their responsibilities to declare any disclosable pecuniary interest that they may have had in any item of business on the agenda.

Cllr Williams declared that as he is a member of EHDC Planning Committee and may be involved in the consideration of a planning application should it come before the District Council, he could participate in the discussion of all items on the agenda but would not vote and reserved his position until such time that he heard the full debate at the District Council’s Planning Committee.



                        The Chairman referred to the draft comments compiled by himself, Cllr Williams and Cllr Philp on the new draft Local Plan which had been previously circulated.  Members were asked for any further additional comments to be given in by Full Council at which time they would be approved and forwarded to the District Council.  Cllrs Williams, Wood and Philp were thanked for their work on this matter.



                        The following decisions were noted at the meeting:

a)     57488/002 – Prune one oak tree, 60 Church Fields, Headley – REFUSED

b)    57633/001 – Change of use from outbuilding to holiday let with extensions to side and rear (resubmission of 57633), Grange Barn, Whitehill Road, Standford – PERMISSION

c)     58098 – Single storey front extension and conversion of attached garage to habitable accommodation, 12 Phillips Close, Headley – PERMISSION

d)    29036/003 – Lawful Development Certificate Existing – Use of the land for the siting of a mobile home for the purposes of human habitation, Land east of Hollywater Road, Bordon – REFUSED

e)    28282/012 – First floor extension with balcony above, Hamilton House, Mill Lane, Headley – PERMISSION

f)      22039/004 – Two storey rear extension following removal of garage, garage to rear with balcony, retaining walls and new steps to rear garden, porch following removal of conservatory to front, Burrows, Beech Hill Road, Headley Down – PERMISSION

g)     58086 – Two storey side extension and single storey and single storey rear extension following demolition of conservatory and garage side wall, 22 Stonehill Road, Headley Down – PERMISSION

h)    22013/011 – Illuminated canopy fascia and building fascia signs, Beech Hill Garage, Grayshott Road, Headley Down – CONSENT

i)      35158/023 – Lawful Development Certificate Proposed – use of land for siting of caravans for the purpose of human habitation including as a persons sole or main place of residence, Symondstone Farm, Wishanger Lane, Churt – REFUSED

j)      23725/063 – Dwelling and detached triple garage with habitable accommodation above following the demolition of the existing dwelling and outbuilding, Wishanger House, Frensham Lane, Churt - PERMISSION



                        It was RESOLVED that the following comments on the planning applications received from the Head of Planning and Development Services, EHDC, be passed to EHDC:

a)     37328/002 – Mr & Mrs Prothero-Thomas – Retention of a 1.8 metre fence, trim back hedging and remove section of diseased hedge, Rivendell, Downsview Road, Headley Down – NO OBJECTION

b)    20148/057 – Mr Bett – Retention of mobile home as essential rural worker dwelling (minimum of three years), Mobile Home, Frensham Lane, Churt – We continue to OBJECT to this application:

1.   No permission has been given for commercial use of private stabling facilities

2.   The area is still covered by an Article IV Direction so the mobile home should be removed

3.   Reference should be made to the previous applications related to this site, namely:












4.   We support the Inspector’s “conclusion” in his dismissal of the appeal relating to 20148/056 which also applies to this application.


c)     54325/004 – Mr M Pritchard – Variation of condition 6 of 54325/001 – to extend timescale for demolition of existing parts of the building, on completion of the new dwelling from one month to nine months, to allow bat mitigation measures to be carried out at the appropriate time of year.  Variation of condition 9 – gardeners store/garage use:  reference to new garage which has been omitted, no longer applies.  Variation of condition 15 – the revised proposal is to retain not demolish the existing bat roost.  Please refer to additional bat mitigation information dated November 2018, which outlines measures.  Variation of condition 16 – plan 20B to be omitted, substitute plan 18C with 2071-01, plan 19B with 2071-03, 2071-A3-02 & 03, The Oasts, Frensham Lane, Churt – NO OBJECTION in principle but would like to have seen the details contained in the pre-application advice letter given within the documents provided.

d)    57041/003 – Mr A Haynes – Outline – two storey dwelling following demolition of existing buildings, Whitehall Nursery, Red Lane, Churt Road – We OBJECT to this application for the erection of a new two storey house in the countryside.  Whitehall Nursery, previously a “specialist heather growing nursery” trading as John Hall Plants, now consists of various “haphazard dilapidated buildings and structures, (and) rundown polytunnels”.  The former nursery is variously described as a “farm”, and a “very small agricultural unit” – which sums up the small amount of land within the blue lines of this application.  The applicant has provided no details as to the proposed horticultural use of the land, other than to “invest in the land by modernising and maximising the value of the “farm”.  Should the applicant need “to live permanently at or near their place of work in the countryside”, there is a choice of the two single-storey buildings which have the benefit of an extant planning permission (57041/002) from which to develop the proposed enterprise.

e)    57041/004 – Mr A Haynes – Detached barn, Whitehall Nursery, Red Lane, Churt Road – We OBJECT to this application for which the applicant’s Agents have provided joint proposals with 57041/003.  A barn of these dimensions for which no detailed horticultural financial projections have been provided appears to be excessive on such a small site area.  Furthermore, it should be sited next to the two dwellings permitted by 57041/002, thus “providing the opportunity for onsite security of stock, produce and tools and equipment” sought by the applicant.

f)      57384/001 – Mr J Bustin – Retention of fence to rear garden, 1 Phillips Close, Headley – NO OBJECTION

g)     56308/003 – Ms S Manns – Single storey front extension, 17 Phillips Crescent, Headley – NO OBJECTION

h)    57122/001 – Dr M Pollard – Wooden outbuilding, Honner Cottage, Wishanger Lane, Churt – NO OBJECTION

i)      36766/019 – Mr M Wilson – Timber entrance gates and brick pillars, hedging coupled with new planting and existing post and rail fencing would be extended to the proposed entrance gate, Wishanger Place, Frensham Lane, Churt – NO OBJECTION



                        It was RESOLVED that the following comments on the tree applications received from the Head of Planning and Development Services, EHDC, be passed to EHDC:

a)     33459/009 – Mr A Hurst – Prune one oak, 10 Glebe Road, Headley – We would not wish to see any further work carried out on this tree on the basis that it was pruned by 25% only 2 years ago.

b)    50786/003 – Mr D Elcome – Prune various trees, 1 The Knowle, Beech Hill Road, Headley – No work to be carried out on these trees without the prior approval of the Arboricultural Officer.



                        There were no hedge cutting notices to note.


The meeting closed at 9.06 p.m.