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MINUTES of a meeting of the PLANNING COMMITTEE using Zoom video conferencing on Monday 3rd August 2020 at 7.30 p.m.


Present:                      Cllr J Wood (Chairman), Cllr A Luff (Vice Chairman), Cllr D Chamberlain, Cllr P Ellens, Cllr P Tansley, Cllr A Williams


In attendance:            Mrs T Hampshire (RFO), Mr M Withers





Apologies were received from Cllrs Roffe and Stubbings and it was RESOLVED to accept these apologies.


P27/20.           MINUTES

                        The minutes of the meeting held on 6th July 2020 were CONFIRMED as a correct record and SIGNED.



Members were reminded of their responsibilities to declare any disclosable pecuniary interest that they may have in any item of business on the agenda and would be moved to the virtual waiting room if they did.

Cllr Williams declared that as he is a member of EHDC Planning Committee and may be involved in the consideration of a planning application should it come before the District Council, he could participate in the discussion of all items on the agenda but would not vote and reserved his position until such time that he heard the full debate at the District Council.

Cllrs Chamberlain, Tansley, Williams and Wood declared a non-statutory personal interest in item P31/20 (f) as the applicant is a fellow councillor who lives in the nearby vicinity to them.

Cllr Ellens declared a non-statutory personal interest in item P32 (a) as he used to live in Phillips Crescent and knows nearby residents.

Cllr Wood declared a non-statutory personal interest in item P31 (n) as he knows the applicant.



                        The Chairman reported that Cain Manor had approached the District Council for pre-application advice in relation to a proposal to expand their existing business by building 40 chalets in the grounds, with possibly a restaurant, and extra parking.  If the advice was favourable, we could expect an application in due course.  The applicants also propose to hold a public meeting in due course.



                        The following decisions were noted at the meeting:

a)     31390/005 : Reynolds House, Standford Lane, Standford, Bordon, GU35 8RQ Proposal: Prior Approval - Agricultural Building Decision: PRIOR APPROVAL IS REQUIRED AND APPROVED

b)    38364/006 : Hollywood, Furze Vale Road, Headley Down, Bordon, GU35 8EP Proposal: Douglas Fir, T2 in TPO (EH193)1987. - Reduce lateral limbs on the northern and western sides of the canopy leaving a finished crown spread radius of 5.5 metres to the north and 5 metres to the west. No pruning cut to exceed 50mm in diameter. Decision: CONSENT

c)     58688 : 3 Robin Hood Cottages, Robin Hood Lane, Headley, Bordon, GU35 8RA Proposal: First floor extension and Infill ground floor single storey extension to rear, enlarged front porch. Decision: PERMISSION

d)    20772/010 : The Headley Nurseries, Glayshers Hill, Headley Down, Bordon, GU35 8AQ Proposal: Variation of condition 16 of 20772/009 - to allow substitution of plans to show reduction of foot print of dwellings and updated house types. Decision: PERMISSION

e)    36923/003 : 8 Crabtree Gardens, Headley, Bordon, GU35 8LN Proposal: Single storey extension to side following demolition of existing extension Decision: PERMISSION

f)      51928/005 : Land West of, Hammer Lane, Headley, Bordon Proposal: Conversion of redundant stable building into one self-contained independent residential dwelling Decision: REFUSAL

g)     20319/013 : Apple Tree Cottage, Mill Lane, Headley, Bordon, GU35 8LH Proposal: Detached dwelling with detached garage Decision: WITHDRAWN

h)    20319/014 : Apple Tree Cottage, Mill Lane, Headley, Bordon, GU35 8LH Proposal: Listed Building Consent - Demolition of part of boundary wall to a Listed property to create new access to proposed building plot. Decision: WITHDRAWN

i)      21727/048 : Bridleway Barn, Wishanger Lane, Churt, Farnham, GU10 2QJ Proposal: Single storey rear extension Decision: PERMISSION

j)      58522  :  Headley Meadows, The Hanger, Headley, Bordon, GU35 8SQ Proposal: Amalgamation of the main two storey dwelling with the first floor flat. First floor rear extension, alterations to the roof, dormer windows on the south and east elevations, and external alterations to include replacement and additional windows and doors. Outbuilding 1 to be demolished and replaced. Conversion of outbuilding 3 to a home gym. (DESCRIPTION AMENDED 23/01/2020). Decision: PERMISSION

k)     58722 : 40 Phillips Crescent, Headley, Bordon, GU35 8NU Proposal: T1 dying Sycamore - Fell Decision: CONSENT

l)      49844/001 : The Bryant, Oakhill Road, Headley Down, Bordon, GU35 8EW Proposal: Douglas Fir - Fell and replace Decision: CONSENT

m)   28292/008 : Ivy Cottage, Bowcott Hill, Headley, Bordon, GU35 8DF Proposal: T1 - wild cherry fell T2 - wild cherry - fell T3 - sycamore - fell Decision: NO OBJECTION

n)    20148/054 : Land to the North of New Farm Cottage, Frensham Lane, Churt, Farnham Proposal: Replacement of existing stable block with new stables (amended site plan with corrected blue line received 3 July 2020) Decision: PERMISSION



                        It was RESOLVED that the following comments on the planning applications received from the Head of Planning and Development Services, EHDC, be passed to EHDC:

a)     27722/006 – Mr Fairclough – Lawful development certificate proposed – single storey side extension, porch to front and insertion of roof lights to front and rear elevations, Heather Cottage, Arford Common, Headley – This dwelling has been extended in the past, and we would like confirmation as to what part of the existing dwelling is the original before we are able to comment on proposals for extensions to the “front” and “rear” elevations.

b)    27722/007 – Mr Fairclough – Lawful development certificate existing – detached carport for incidental purposes, Heather Cottage, Arford Common – NO OBJECTION

c)     27722/008 – Mr Fairclough – Prior notification for single storey development extending 8 metres beyond the rear wall of the original dwelling, incorporating an eaves height of 2.3 metres and a maximum height of 2.9 metres, Heather Cottage, Arford Common, Headley – We are making a PROVISIONAL OBJECTION as this dwelling has been extended in the past, and we would like the applicant to demonstrate what part of the existing dwelling is the original before being able to accurately comment on a proposal for an 8m extension to the “rear of the original dwelling”.

d)    24934/021 – Mr A Saville – Variation of condition 13 of permission 24934/020 to allow substitution of plans to facilitate alterations to the floor plans and elevations of the approved dwellings (amended drawings received 6/7/20), Whiteley’s Family Restaurant, Robin Hood Lane, Headley – We continue to OBJECT to this Application which seeks to amend the elevations and floor plans for all six dwellings approved on application 24934/020. This important site in the centre of the hamlet of Standford, opposite the Village Green maintained by the Parish Council, is located within the River Wey Conservation Area. The design of the six houses in the permitted application found favour with the Parish Council, and the Conservation Officer who commented that the plans (as amended) would "largely maintain" the semi rural feel of the Conservation Area. The approved designs have been replaced by neo-Georgian designs for plots 1 and 2 which are not in keeping with existing dwellings in Standford. The sympathetic designs of the two pairs of the semi-detached dwellings have been lost - as have the chimneys proposed in the permitted designs.  We support the neighbours in their objections.

e)     56711/005 – Mr R Reynolds – Conversion and alterations for former stable building to provide home office, artists studio and general storage ancillary to main dwelling, Coachmans Lodge, Frensham Lane, Churt – NO OBJECTION in principle subject to the conversion not being let, or sub-let, or used for overnight accommodation and solely used ancillary to the main dwelling.

f)      58439/001 – Mr A Williamson – Retrospective application for a detached garden outbuilding, Whinfell, Beech Hill Road, Headley Down – NO OBJECTION

g)     25723/011 – Mr & Mrs R Meredith – Single storey side extension, Logan’s Run, Headley Fields, Headley – NO OBJECTION

h)    58777 – Mr C Holman – Increase in part of roof height to facilitate the creation of first floor living accommodation, 27 Grayshott Laurels, Lindford – We OBJECT as no ridge heights have been given for comparison with neighbouring properties.  We are not in favour with the design of the east and west elevations which we consider to protrude excessively from the existing dwelling and are not in keeping with the design of neighbouring properties.

i)      24256/016 – Mrs J Ward – Outdoor sand arena, Tulls, Tulls Lane, Headley – NO OBJECTION provided there is no floodlighting, no commercial enterprise and is only for the applicant’s private use.

j)      58770 – Mr T Locke – Wooden barn for housing equestrian equipment, hay and tractor, Land west of Lynton Dene, Liphook Road, Headley – We OBJECT as we consider it has not been demonstrated that there is justification for a building of this size on this small 2 acre site.

k)     31418/018 – Dr Leung – Stand alone building comprising 4 main consultation rooms and ancillary space, Badgerswood Surgery, Mill Lane, Headley – NO OBJECTION

l)      20136/056 – Mr R Powell – Continued use of an existing temporary building for 3 years, LMC Sleaford Garage, Farnham Road, Bordon – NO OBJECTION in principle but for a maximum of 3 years.

m)   55317/002 – Mr & Mrs T Benson – Single storey rear and side extension, Oakhill Barn, Oakhill Road, Headley Down – NO OBJECTION

n)    23805/001 – Mrs Tabbard – Lawful development certificate proposed – single storey side extension and single storey rear extension, 2 Church Lane, Headley – NO OBJECTION

o)    57117 – Mr A Milne – Increase in ridge height and extension to roof to facilitate creation of first floor accommodation, single storey extension to side, Lindford Farm Cottage, Lindford Road, Bordon – NO OBJECTION subject to Policy H16.



                        It was RESOLVED that the following comments on the tree applications received from the Head of Planning and Development Services, EHDC, be passed to EHDC:

a)     57318/001 – Mr J Kipling – Prune one beech and fell? one sycamore, 33 Phillips Crescent, Headley – NO OBJECTION to this work.  It was suggested that this section of large trees at the junction of Liphook Road and Fullers Vale be highlighted to the District Council and County Council, and investigated as posing a possible risk to properties in Phillips Crescent, and the property The Hollies at the junction of Arford Road and Fullers Vale.

b)    36913/001 – Mr M Raper – Fell and prune various trees, Dreyside, Linden Road, Headley Down – NO OBJECTION subject to the approval of the Arboricultural Officer.

c)     50537/004 – Mr N Mountjoy – Prune one silver birch and fell one silver birch, 65 Furze Hill Road, Headley Down – NO OBJECTION subject to the approval of the Arboricultural Officer.



                        There were no current hedge cutting notices to note but a hedge in Church Fields was reported as needing attention.


The meeting closed at 9.24 p.m.