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MINUTES of a meeting of the PLANNING COMMITTEE held on Monday 13th October 2014 at 8.00 p.m. in the Parish Office, Arford Road, Headley


Present:                       Cllr J Burton (Chairman), Cllr A Williams (Vice Chairman), Cllr D Chamberlain,

Cllr P Lee, Cllr A Luff, Cllr M Roffe, Cllr R Stubbings, Cllr D Tregay


Also in attendance:   Mrs T Hampshire (Assistant Clerk)




Apologies were received from Cllr Howard-Duff and it was RESOLVED to accept this apology.


P57/14.           MINUTES

                        The minutes of the meeting held on 22nd September 2014 were CONFIRMED as a correct record and SIGNED.



Members were reminded of their responsibilities to declare any disclosable pecuniary interest that they may have had in any item of business on the agenda.

Cllr Williams declared that as he is a member of EHDC Planning Committee and may be involved in the consideration of a planning application should it come before the District Council, he could participate in the discussion of all items on the agenda but would not vote and reserved his position until such time that he heard the full debate at the District Council’s Planning Committee.

Cllr Chamberlain declared an interest in item P61/14 (a) as this was the application in Beech Hill Road she researched and presented to the Committee and met the applicants in the process.  She spoke on the application but took no part in formulating the comment.



Š      The details of the permission for a replacement dwelling and detached garage at Laundry Cottage in Picketts Hill, given that the Parish Council raised an objection, were NOTED.

Š      A Prior Notification for a single storey development extending 8 metres beyond the rear wall at Stone Cottage, Picketts Hill was NOTED

Š      A response from EHDC to our request for clarification on the permission granted to Trottsford Farm Cottage, Picketts Hill for an extension which took the proposal beyond compliance with Policy H16 was NOTED.  EHDC explained that in this instance, although conceding the proposed works would contravene Policy H16, they decided to adhere to pre-application advice that was favourably given and that this was the case generally unless that advice is subsequently proven to be significantly misplaced.  This raised the question as to what notice was taken of Parish Councils’ comments on the applications lodged subsequent to such pre-application advice.  It was AGREED to monitor the situation of any application that fell into this category over the coming months.



                        The following decisions were noted at the meeting:

a)    29729/002 – Fell one Eucalyptus tree, Fern Cottages, Arford Road – NO OBJECTION

b)    23991/005 – Prune one beech tree, Woods Cottage, 44 Seymour Road, Headley Down – CONSENT

c)     54632/001 – Single storey and two storey rear extension, Hawkesbury Cottage, Churt Road, Headley – WITHDRAWN

d)    50971/002 – Prior notification for single storey development extending 8 metres beyond rear wall, Stone Cottage, Picketts Hill, Headley – WITHDRAWN

e)    52855/005 – Replacement dwelling and detached garage, Laundry Cottage, Picketts Hill – PERMISSION

f)     33473/004 – Retention of fence, 2 Pantiles, Southview Road, Headley Down – PERMISSION

g)    23442/011 – Fell one Norway spruce, 8 Pilgrims Way, Headley – REFUSED

h)    52796/001 – Detached dwelling (amended design and access statement received 7/8/14), Land east of Smithfield Lane, Headley – REFUSED

i)     39974/004 – Conversion of garage to habitable use, single storey extension to front, 12 Seymour Road, Headley Down – PERMISSION

j)      35619/001 – Loft conversion, rear dormer window to match adjacent and 3 velux windows on front elevation, 30 Phillips Crescent, Headley – PERMISSION

k)    24927/008 – Prune one ash tree overhanging 12 Churchill Crescent, Hilland Wood, Fullers Vale, Headley - CONSENT



                        It was RESOLVED that the following comments on the planning applications received from the Head of Planning and Development Services, EHDC, be passed to EHDC:

a)    55758 – Mr & Mrs Metcalfe – 2 storey rear and side extension, enlargement of existing front extension with open porch and car port, Shrub Cottage, Beech Hill Road, Headley  NO OBJECTION subject to Policy H16.

b)    24212/006 – Mr N Rasmussen – Erection of 1.8m fence in length to be held up by 9 x cedar posts with roof above with 18 solar panels and small shed area at end, Rooks Cottage, Churt Road, Headley – NO OBJECTION provided there is satisfactory screening from the road side.

c)     55290/003 – Mr J Brindley – Lawful Development Certificate for a proposed development – single storey rear extension and single storey extension to side, The Quarry, Pond Road, Headley – NO OBJECTION subject to Policy H16.



                        It was RESOLVED that the following comments on the tree applications received from the Head of Planning and Development Services, EHDC, be passed to EHDC:

a)    37162/002 – Mr Lawson – Prune one oak tree and one conifer tree, The Laurels, 106 Seymour Road, Headley Down – NO OBJECTION subject to the approval of the Arboricultural Officer.

b)    37169/001 – Mrs P Dillon – Prune one oak tree, 28 Grayshott Laurels, Lindford (Headley Parish) – NO OBJECTION subject to the approval of the Arboricultural Officer.




                        Cllr Williams confirmed the location of this base station and it was NOTED that the proposed application would involve an upgrade from 3 antennas to 6 antennas, but it was RESOLVED not to make a comment at this stage.



                        A provisional Tree Preservation Order (EH957) 2014, Land east of Headley Road, Lindford to protect oaks and ash trees in the hedgerow bordering Headley Road was received and it was RESOLVED to send an e-mail to the Arboricultural Officer supporting this Order.



                        The current hedge cutting notices issued were noted.


The meeting closed at 8.45 p.m.