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MINUTES of a meeting of the PLANNING COMMITTEE held on Monday 10th November 2014 at 8.00 p.m. in the Parish Office, Arford Road, Headley


Present:                       Cllr J Burton (Chairman), Cllr A Williams (Vice Chairman), Cllr D Chamberlain,

Cllr J Howard-Duff, Cllr P Lee, Cllr A Luff, Cllr M Roffe, Cllr R Stubbings,

Cllr D Tregay


Also in attendance:   Mrs T Hampshire (Assistant Clerk), Mr P Luff, Mr & Mrs  Aitken plus 3 supporters




There were no apologies to be made.


P67/14.           MINUTES

                        The minutes of the meeting held on 13th October 2014 were CONFIRMED as a correct record and SIGNED.



Members were reminded of their responsibilities to declare any disclosable pecuniary interest that they may have had in any item of business on the agenda.

Cllr Williams declared that as he is a member of EHDC Planning Committee and may be involved in the consideration of a planning application should it come before the District Council, he could participate in the discussion of all items on the agenda but would not vote and reserved his position until such time that he heard the full debate at the District Council’s Planning Committee.

Cllr Williams also declared a non-pecuniary interest in item P72/14 as he is the applicant and took no part in the discussion.

Cllr Luff declared a pecuniary interest in item P71/14 (b) and left the room during discussion.  He also declared a non-pecuniary interest in item P71 (a) as an adjacent land owner, and a non-pecuniary interest in item P71 (d) as a neighbour to the applicant and took no part in the discussions.

Cllr Tregay declared a pecuniary interest in item P71 (c) as an adjacent land owner and left the room during the discussion.

Cllr Howard-Duff declared a non-statutory personal interest in item P71 (b) as she is friendly with Mr Aitken, the proprietor of Headley Fine Foods.



Š      A site inspection has been arranged for the proposed 33 dwelling development at Land east of Headley Road, Lindford on Friday 14th November at 10.50 a.m.  All councillors are welcome to attend.

Š      The Chairman reported on his attendance at East Hampshire District Council’s planning committee meeting where the proposed new dwelling at Garthwaite, Liphook Road was considered and refused.



Š      Subsequent to the previous bullet point where pre-application advice had been positive, yet the outcome not so, the Chairman felt that the issue regarding pre-application advice given by EHDC was not clarified sufficiently and proposed further correspondence to the Service Manager of Planning Development.



                        The following decisions were noted at the meeting:

a)    21732/007 – Garage, The Hermitage, Headley Hill Road, Headley – PERMISSION

b)    49265/003 – Certificate of proposed lawful development for a single storey side extension, The Paddocks, Tulls Lane, Headley – PERMITTED

c)     32612/005 – 2 single storey side extensions and pitched roof over semi circle bay, Old Bank, High Street, Headley – PERMISSION

d)    50560/004 – Prune one copper beech tree, High Pines, 43 Carlton Road, Headley Down – REFUSED

e)    38364/003 – Detached garage, Hollywood, Furze Vale Road, Headley Down – PERMISSION

f)     32980/001 – Increase in roof height and two storey extension to side after demolition of 2 single storey structures, detached garage (amended by plans received 29/9/14), Bowcot Rise, Bowcott Hill, Headley – PERMISSION

g)    55733 – Detached double garage and side store, Hanger Lodge, Frensham Lane, Churt (Headley Parish) – PERMISSION

h)    25030/005 – Approval of Reserved matters – residential development for seven dwellings, Land south of Headley Fields, Headley – PERMISSION

i)     55747 – Lawful development for proposed development – single storey side extension, 5 The Paddock, Hedley – PERMITTED

j)      22623/016 – Detached garage/car port (amended location and block plan received 3/9/14), Woodpeckers, 87 Seymour Road, Headley Down – PERMISSION

k)    35612/004 – Detached single garage, Linhay, Downsview Road, Headley Down – PERMISSION

l)     55758 – 2 storey rear and side extension, enlargement of existing front extension with open porch and car port, Shrub Cottage, Beech Hill Road, Headley Down – PERMISSION

m)  50971/003 – Prior notification for single storey development extending 8 metres beyond rear wall, Stone Cottage, Picketts Hill, Headley – GEN PERMITTED DEVELOPMENT CONDITIONAL

n)    29483/002 – Lawful development certificate for proposed development – two storey extension to front, Burford Cottage, Picketts Hill, Headley – WITHDRAWN

o)    23581/007 – 2 storey side extension and new detached garage to front, following demolition of existing garage (amended location plan received 2/9/14), Maylands, Headley Fields, Headley – PERMISSION

p)    55737 – Prior notification for single storey development extending 3.8 metres beyond rear wall, The Willett, Wilsons Road, Headley Down – GEN PERMITTED DEVELOPMENT CONDITIONAL



                        It was RESOLVED that the following comments on the planning applications received from the Head of Planning and Development Services, EHDC, be passed to EHDC:

a)    54702 – Notification of Pre-Decision Amendment - DHA Planning & Development – Redevelopment of site to provide 33 dwellings, Land east of Headley Road, Lindford (Headley Parish) – Having considered the additional information provided our objections to the original application still stand for the reasons outlined.

b)    22713/022 – J R Luff & Co – Detached building for use as coffee shop, Midlands Farm, Mill Lane, Headley – NO OBJECTION

c)     36834/002 – H & D Developments – 2 storey detached dwelling with detached garage, Former site of The Bungalow, Sunnyside Road, Headley Down – NO OBJECTION

d)    23622/005 – Mrs Mekhael – Detached garden room and change of use of land to residential use, Orchard House, Mill Lane, Headley – NO OBJECTION provided that permission for this application replaces the permission granted for 23622/004 and that the garden room is only used for domestic and ancillary purposes linked to the main house.

e)    20662/060 – Highland Property Services – Detached storage building after removal of existing structure, Broxhead Trading Estate, Broxhead Farm Road, Lindford (Headley Parish) – NO OBJECTION

f)     31546/002 – Mrs A Howard – First floor side extension and internal alterations, 4 Chestnut End, Headley – NO OBJECTION

g)    38943/002 – Miss K Hayden – Single storey side extension and single storey rear extension, 27 Church Fields, Headley – We OBJECT to the proposed extensions as they would be poorly related to the dwelling itself and neighbouring properties contrary to Policy GS2 (b).  We also question the legality of the plans in relation to the boundaries shown which differ from those shown in 38943/001 for an application in 2004.

h)    27416/005 – Mr & Mrs Burns – Single storey front and rear extensions, Glenside, Honeysuckle Lane, Headley Down – NO OBJECTION



                        It was RESOLVED that the following comments on the tree applications received from the Head of Planning and Development Services, EHDC, be passed to EHDC:

                        Cllr Williams introduced the first application, which followed storm damage to a limb of the tree. He took no further part in the discussion.

a)    30465/014 – Mr A J Williams – Prune one oak tree, Wood north of Headley Hill Road, Headley – NO OBJECTION

b)    55298/001 – Ms M Russel-Dyke – Fell two holly trees, 17 Kay Crescent, Headley Down – NO OBJECTION subject to the approval of the Arboricultural Officer

c)     26067/007 – Mr Knight – Prune on oak tree, Kincora, 6 Carlton Road, Headley Down – NO OBJECTION in principle to some pruning subject to the approval of the Arboricultural Officer



                        There were no hedge cutting notices to note.


The meeting closed at 9.34 p.m.