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MINUTES of a meeting of the PLANNING COMMITTEE held on Monday 6th November 2017 at 8.00 p.m. in the Parish Office, Arford Road, Headley


Present:                       Cllr J Wood (Vice Chairman), Cllr J Burton, Cllr M Roffe, Cllr R Stubbings,

Cllr P Tansley, Cllr D Tregay, Cllr A Williams


Also in attendance:    Mrs T Hampshire (Assistant Clerk) and 3 members of the public




Apologies were received from Cllrs Chamberlain, Luff and Philp and it was RESOLVED to accept these apologies.


P47/17.           MINUTES

                        The minutes of the meeting held on 2nd October 2017 were CONFIRMED as a correct record and SIGNED.



Members were reminded of their responsibilities to declare any disclosable pecuniary interest that they may have had in any item of business on the agenda.

Cllr Williams declared that as he is a member of EHDC Planning Committee and may be involved in the consideration of a planning application should it come before the District Council, he could participate in the discussion of all items on the agenda but would not vote and reserved his position until such time that he heard the full debate at the District Council’s Planning Committee.

Cllr Tansley declared a disclosable pecuniary interest in item P51/17 (f) and left the room during the discussion.



                        Cllr Williams reported that the District Council had released a list of possible SHLAA sites within the parish and that these would be individually considered in the coming weeks.



                        The following decisions were noted at the meeting:

a)    50407/003 – Prune 3 oak trees and one liquidamber, Camellia House, Liphook Road, Headley – REFUSED

b)    57488 – Prune one sycamore and one oak, 1 Pilgrims Way, Headley – CONSENT

c)     31560/007 – Alteration of fixed glazing to fully glazed, bifolding doors to retain similar appearance, on barn at Curtis Farm.  Ramped access to front faćade, Curtis Farm, Curtis Lane, Headley – PERMISSION

d)    37728/002 – Prune one beech tree, 19 Phillips Crescent, Headley – CONSENT

e)    30033/002 – Prune one copper beech, Honeydale, 46 Stonehill Road, Headley Down – CONSENT

f)     51715/007 – Removal of section 106 obligation dated 27 Jan 2011 – no longer serves a planning purpose – APPROVED

g)    35829/002 – Lawful development certificate existing – use of self-contained annexe as a separate dwelling, 32 Church Fields, Headley – PERMITTED

h)    55754, Prune one beech and one oak, Brook Lodge, Bowcott Hill, Headley – NO OBJECTION

i)      55743 – First floor extension to side and front, with porch canopy to front entrance, 5 Windmill Drive, Headley Down – PERMISSION

j)      57493 – Prune one oak, Headley Down Cottage, 32 Seymour Road, Headley Down – CONSENT

k)     57268 – Patio doors, 69a Church Fields, Headley – PERMISSION

l)      56744/003 – First floor side extension above garage, Pine Croft, West View Road, Headley Down – PERMISSION

m)  57041/002 – Notification for Prior Approval for a Proposed Change of Use of Agricultural Buildings to two single dwelling houses and associated building operations, Whitehall Nursery, Red Lane, Headley Down – PRIOR APPROVAL IS REQUIRED AND APPROVED

n)    25243/007 – Prune one beech tree, Broad Reach, 61 Stonehill Road, Headley Down – CONSENT

o)    57547 – Prune two weeping willows, 5 Wheatsheaf Cottages, Arford Road, Headley – NO OBJECTION

p)    34113/007 – Prune one sycamore, silver birch and beech, Rosemount, Arford Road, Headley – NO OBJECTION

q)    31913/004 – Ground floor extension to provide enlarged kitchen and new porch, Woodpeckers, Headley Hill Road, Headley – PERMISSION

r)     57450 – Prune one beech, 18 Phillips Crescent, Headley – CONSENT

s)     28232/009 – Demolition of existing front and rear porch, new proposed central porch to bring both parts of the house together, patio doors too rear, garage conversion and bifold doors to replace garage doors.  Replacement windows - PERMISSION



                        It was RESOLVED that the following comments on the planning applications received from the Head of Planning and Development Services, EHDC, be passed to EHDC:

a)     20648/003 – Mr I Rae – Replace existing hedge with 2m high hence, Castanea, 2 Stonehill Road, Headley Down – NO OBJECTION

b)     52776/003 –Mr A Adler - New windows and cladding to existing building, ground floor extension and new access onto Lindford Road, Sterling House, Broxhead Trading Estate, Lindford – NO OBJECTION

c)     20500/007 – Mr & Mrs Jones – Replacement pitched roof to sunroom, new window and door openings, Grassmere, 9 Stonehill Road, Headley Down – NO OBJECTION

d)     33819/001 – Mrs L Johnson – Two storey extension to rear and raising height of roof to provide habitable accommodation with dormers to front and rear, Greytiles House, Linden Road, Headley Down – NO OBJECTION

e)     24472/005 – Mr Tibaldi – Two storey extension to side, first floor extension to side, detached 3 bay garage, Headley Cottage, Liphook Road, Headley – We OBJECT to this application.  In view of the previous extensions to this property we believe that the proposed extension would conflict with Policy H16.

f)      32299/007 – Mr & Mrs Burgess – Single storey extension to front, Hawthorns, Beech Hill Road, Headley Down – We continue to OBJECT and repeat our comments for 32299/006 as the current proposal is not significantly different.  We still consider this extension would be contrary to Policy H16 as previous rear extensions to this property have already exceeded the permitted percentage, and we have concerns over off street parking and highway safety.  This front extension would not be in keeping with the street scene and the neighbouring properties and although only the top storey would be habitable accommodation, it would appear as a two storey construction.  It would have a particularly detrimental effect on the outlook of the neighbouring property Fernbank.  We support the District Council’s reasons for refusal on 32299/006.

g)     52857/007 – Mr Marshall – Meadow improvement, Land west of Frensham Pond Hotel, Bacon Lane, Churt – We do not feel able to give a detailed comment on this application and would request an overview from EHDC agricultural consultants as to the need for these works.  We are unable to determine whether these proposals would achieve the desired results and have concerns over large lorries bringing in heavy materials along the narrow access lanes.

h)     57514 – Mr Haynes – New gateway on to Church Road to replace existing gateway, Land south of Rooks Cottage, Churt Road – NO OBJECTION subject to approval from Highways.

i)      30633/032 – Mr P Dale – Variation of conditions 4, 10, 11 and 18 of permission 30633/026 to enable the implementation of the planning permission without prejudicing the council’s ability to review and approve details reserved by condition at an appropriate stage, Grooms Farm, Frith End Road, Frith End – NO OBJECTION provided the suggested replacement conditions are acceptable to, and monitored by, EHDC.

j)      31418/017 – Dr Leung – Two storey rear extension, associated internal alterations and required external works, Badgerswood Surgery, Mill Lane, Headley – NO OBJECTION



                        It was RESOLVED that the following comments on the tree applications received from the Head of Planning and Development Services, EHDC, be passed to EHDC:

a)     27915/009 – Mr Grayston – Remove beech tree, Grayston House, Arford Road, Headley – NO OBJECTION subject to the approval of the Arboricultural Officer

b)     55927/003 – Mr Measures – Fell and prune several trees, land west of Beech Hill, Headley Down – NO OBJECTION subject to approval of the Arboricultural Officer and following the plans set out.

c)     20825/005 – Mrs Aitken – Prune one beech, one oak and two chestnuts, White Gables, 88 Furze Hill Road, Headley Down – NO OBJECTION subject to the approval of the Arboricultural Officer.

d)     49888/001 – Mrs Adcock – Prune one sweet chestnut, Mapledurham, Alma Road, Headley Down – NO OBJECTION subject to the approval of the Arboricultural Officer.

e)     34658/001 – Mr Wright – Remove one oak, 7 Phillips Close, Headley – We OBJECT to this in the absence of more detailed information.

f)      34330/008 – Mr G Wright – Prune one sweet chestnut, Strathtay, 45 Furze Hill Road, Headley Down – NO OBJECTION subject to the approval of the Arboricultural Officer.



                        The hedge cutting notices were noted.


The meeting closed at 9.33 p.m.